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Full Version: Guitar Amps?
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I'm still new here, so please forgive me if this isn't the place to put this!

I'm hoping for some advice, since so many of you are musicians.

My daughter just started playing guitar. She has an Applause acoustic that she can hook into an amp. I however, have no knowledge whatsoever with musical instruments. Can anyone recommend an amp? Preferably something not too expensive, smallish and won't blast out my windows?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
I will admit I have no knowledge of such things, but my daughter's boyfriend is partial to the Orange Amps(that's the name of the company and the color of said amps).
I am not that informed on amps, but when we purchased our son's electric guitar we bought a small Peavey amp. It was that price and has a lot of features. Great bang for the buck.
Hmmm, I only hit drums (and the electronic ones go through the own dedicated Roland amp system) - but all the guitarists I have worked with use - Marshall, Laney, or Vox. My guess though these would be too big and too loud for your requirements (we are heavy metal musicians after all) - but I think they do smaller units.

I did see some really funky Vox mini amps (I dont know if they are any good mind you - but seem quite clever)

[Image: th_acoustic_slant.jpg]

[Image: amPlug_cab_Image3.jpg]

Retails for £40 over here
(09-10-2011 07:14 AM)RN-PRN Wrote: [ -> ]I am not that informed on amps, but when we purchased our son's electric guitar we bought a small Peavey amp. It was that price and has a lot of features. Great bang for the buck.

Here is a link..


These are I believe newer models than what we purchased.
Thank you everyone!! I had gone into guitar center to look, but I admit I was overwhelmed! Now I know what to look for!

And my goodness... is that Vox amp as small as it looks?? It look like it could fit right in her case!
O-kay. Post typed and ready to go, and IE decides to take a dump, close all windows and delete all form data. Swell. Anyhow, to reconstruct as best I can via a little cognitive archaeology...

LJ, you didn't mention whether you're looking for a full-size combo type amp or a practice amp, but for the money there is nothing I've used that can come close to the Roland MicroCube, for sheer sound quality, versatility, portability and included features.

[And no, I am in no way affiliated with Roland, Inc, just a fanboy. Further, whereas wheretofore all retroactive recipreverseexclusions to the contrary notwithstanding, ipso facto habeas corpus circus maximus veni vidi vici et tu Brute you still get sued.]

It's only a 2-watt amp with a 5 in. speaker, but they've packed it all into a box built like an M-1 Abrams tank, so it's not only unbreakable but has sound quality that's nothing short of amazing for the size. Think:"I can't believe that sound is coming out of that small an amplifier," which is the typical reaction. The cost is generally around 100 bucks USD, depending on your local taxation.

It's has seven different selectible amp modelers, including acoustic guitar and vocal mic in addition to the gnarly electric ones, so it can be used for almost anything. It has reverb, delay, chorus, phaser, flanger, tremolo - though you can only use two at once, which is not usually a problem - and a handy-dandy digital tuning fork. All of these are full-blown Roland digital "COSM" effects copped from their more expensive equipment, so they're about as good as digital effects get.

Best of all, you can ditch the wall wart altogether and run the thing on six AA batteries - which means you can take it anywhere you can take your body, from the beach to a mountaintop. It's about 7 1/2 pounds, roughly the same as...a six-pack of beers, eh?

A couple years ago for Halloween, I did my "Dead Blues Guy" costume, which involves strapping a signal processor pedal to my hip and carrying the MicroCube in a backpack. 'Worked like a charm - and great for those moments (every 20 minutes, exactly, I've found,) when there's a natural lull in the conversation:

[Image: DeadBluesDude01-2.jpg]
Well, I have a Crate that I plug both my acoustic and my electric into. It isn't too small or too big and has both chorus and overdrive (which she won't really need with an acoustic). They are pretty inexpensive, especially if you can find a used one.

[Image: P4150009.jpg]
You could give one of these a go - but I think they were designed for bass - but they also multi -task as clothes dryers.....

[Image: 040811gedsrig.jpg]
Space Cadet, ok, I gotta say first... I LOVE that picture!! Looks like you had a great time at that party! My daughter had been looking at the Roland Microcube but I didn't know if they were any good. I like the size of them, I admit. Small enough for her to carry, large enough that I think it won't get lost in that mess she calls a bedroom. I like the idea that she can put batteries in it. That means in good weather she can take it OUTSIDE to play! Pricing isn't bad either. Do those things come with a cable or do I have to buy that separately? For now, she only needs it for practice but I'd like something that can grow with her a bit. At least until she can buy her OWN amp!

NWoBHM... Thats the coolest dryer I've ever seen! I love that superman and the hula girls!

Thanks everyone for your help and advise!
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