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Full Version: Grapes For Humanity
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We just wanted to pass along on Ged's behalf his message that Les Boys have offered up some items on eBay in support of Grapes For Humanity. Here's the link:



B 'n' B
I saw that on da' boys website the other day B. It had some really cool pics of Ged & Al livin' it up at the winery, even one of Al rappin' to get the bidding going! The bids are a little too rich for my blood, but I'm sure they'll sell their stuff quick, and it IS a great cause!

By the By...what happened to the "Menu" on the B&G homepage?...sayin'!
Looks like they are going to raise some nice cash for a good cause! Now who is going to bid on Alex's and Ged's guitars??? No bids so far Sad However, Bubba's items are doing well. Smile
Great idea, a good cause. Bids are waaaaayyyyy over my head but I'm sure the items will go quickly.
Those bids a just a wee dram over my pocket book, but then a box of Rice Krispies is over my head......just glad its going for a great cause though.
Yeah, I was surprised to see the size of the bids. Yikes! But that's a good thing.
When I told my husband, he asked what I was going to bid on. Funny guy. I wish I had the moolah to bid, but alas....It's good that others are going for it, though!
We too must say the prices are a bit out of our pockets, but are glad that there are those whose pockets run deep and are helping out for such a good cause.
At least there are folks out there willing to spend the money for a good cause - I would like to know who got the second mortgage on their house to bid on Ged's bass?
I just wondered why he wanted to part with it. It sounded great...
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