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Full Version: Campagnolo, Vancouver, B.C.
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So, Ren. Man works sometimes with this producer who lives in Vancouver. We stay with him when we're there he takes us to lovely restaurants and he never allows us to pay. This one, we've been to twice and we can recommend it highly!

It's called Campognolo and it's an Italian restaurant. But don't go in expecting the sort of stuff you'll get at the Olive Garden. Very traditional yet modern. They serve a Charcuterie of salamis to die for. Great salads and appetizers. The main dishes range from veal parmagiana to pasta to pizza. And this pizza.... let me tell you.... OMG is it good! It's a rustic crust with all kinds of goodies you can have on it, with a fresh sauce and mozzarella. I had the Margherita pizza last time we were there (for Bubba and the Boys in June) and I dreamed about it that night!

Their wine selection is superb. The desserts are sensually good - Katie said it was the best tiramisu she'd ever had. I had the panna cotta Heart
I am very much looking forward to another visit to Vancouver just to go here. Well, and to see the guys play, hopefully.

Campagnolo is located at 1020 Main Street (not too far from Rogers Arena). And don't let the understated decor fool you. The money goes into the food. And the servers.


Next time you're in Vancouver, be sure to give it a try!
Hi SM:

It looks like you guys were at the same concert as us. It seems so long ago now.

Thanks for the recommendation - Will have to try it out next time we're in the big city...
It does, doesn't it? It was such a wonderful night for me: an online pal sold me her 4th row center ticket because she was moving up 2 rows. Ren Man and the girl sat in our original seats (and sold mine) and indulged me. Heart

Yes, do try it. Say Alec's friends sent you Wink
Alec's friends it is...

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