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Full Version: LOLZ (and other fun memes)
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Okay, I admit it - I love LOLZ! I have a collection of my favorites and I get the newsletter every day. I also make one now and then. So, let's share our favorites...

I'll start off with 2 that I've made (maybe we should keep it to no more than 2 to not make the thread horribly sluggish):

[Image: 129160172146484028.jpg]

[Image: funny-fish.jpg]
Same here - animals are generally more funny than people (IMO)
Those are good Scythe!
Thanks Muffy! Here's a couple more:

[Image: WhiteKittens.jpg]

I know we've all had days like this:
[Image: kittybrain.jpg]
Big Grin

Today's LOL (this kitty obviously enjoys The Macallan)

[Image: funny-pictures-thats-it-keep-going.jpg]
[Image: epic-fail-photos-cat-door-fail.jpg]
[Image: rofl-1.gif]

I know how that kitty feels, going under...um... no that doesn\\\'t work huh?

[Image: funny-pictures-of-cats-with-captions-9.jpg]
LOL... Scythe and Jetrow thanks for the laughs.
\'Scythe Matters\' pid=\'27414\' dateline=\'1319877375\ Wrote:Big Grin

Today\'s LOL (this kitty obviously enjoys The Macallan)

[Image: funny-pictures-thats-it-keep-going.jpg]

My favorite Friday evening line. I always like to see my glass FULL on Fridays!

[Image: funny-pictures-come-to-the-dark-sid.jpg]

[Image: funny-pictures-girl-lion-yells-at-b.jpg]
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