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Ok folks, so I'm starting to plan out my "big day" and my initial thought was to have one of the local awesome BBQ joints cater the dinner. Until I was reminded that some of my guests are Vegan. I'd still like to have the BBQ (cause it's SO good!) but what do I do for my Vegans? Any ideers?
Plenty 'o' veggies can be skewered/roasted over hot coals, or even smoked (well...in a smoker, not THAT kinda smoked...Wink) To keep w/the BBQ theme, seems Steven Raichlen has numerous recipes that cater to (at least) vegetarians....

Congrats in advance on your Big Day! Waaiiiiit, yer far too young for retirement...Tongue
Burma girl beat me to it, Grilled veggies!
How 'bout Veggie Burgers??
Veggie Dogs?
Good ideers, ladies...looks like I have some research to do. Thanks! Smile
Oooohhh, don't forget Portobello Mushrooms!
Maranaided, grilled, with a touch of asagio cheese.....sigh.....even a carnivore like me would go for one of them!
Can't do the cheese...but the mushroom part would work! Smile

I'm thinking maybe a part BBQ buffet and part Italian, with pastas & such might work...mebbe...we'll see...

Y'all are invited by the way...once I get the invitations done up, I'm going to post one here for everyone! Smile
Three bean salad and leafy greens.
(11-18-2011 01:59 PM)BrianW Wrote: [ -> ]Three bean salad and leafy greens.

Aw, there ya go...

Ok, tell ya what...I'll call it a pot luck and you guys can show up with your favorite Vegan dish! Smile

Yes? No? Big Grin
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