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I am re-reading Ghost Rider at the moment, and man, I want to get outside! I spend so very little time in nature these days, and reading about Neil's travels, and his sanctuary in Quebec, just makes me want to be out in the trees. (I'm not quite convinced that winter is my soul's season.... yet...) But he just makes it sound so good. I live in a beautiful area of the world, where it is easy to become surrounded by nature. So it is my goal today to get myself, and my grumbling crew, OUTSIDE.

Do you get out much? What do you love to do outside? What is your season?

Tongue Dais
Now? Paintball every weekend. This one of course, is ruined due to Oz weather, so it's myself and my "dawgs" this weekend watching the rain.
Kansas is not exactly the playground of the states. It has its ups, but the Winter here - of which I am not a fan, can be nasty and very depressing. I still feel like I am on Mars at times.
Savannah is far easier to enjoy. I've wake boarded in November at Tybee Island (Savannah Beach). There is plenty to go-do-see in that area. History abounds. It has two rivers running far inland, interesting roads, friendly people for the most part. Nothing like Atlanta. Savannah boarders South Carolina, which also has its perks and quirks. The Blue Ridge Mountains are seven hours away, and if you want to test your driving skills... Florida is an hour away.
Then there's that ocean thing. <sigh>
Wake boarded - riding a board behind a boat? I am planning to get out on my snow shoes a lot when the snow comes. I also have x-country skis, but I haven't done much of that (yet?) Anyhow, just hoping to get OUT. I would also like to do more down-hill skiing, which I have only done three times over the course of my 40+ years.... but really love the idea of it. Expensive sport, though.

I managed to get the crew out for a short walk around the 'hood, which felt SOOO good. I need to do more. We're heading to a kids' nature program this afternoon. Maybe tomorrow I can get out for a longer, solo, trek.
I love downhill. Sadly, the only hill in Oz (Wichita) is an on/off ramp.
Colorado is an all day drive, but I've done Monarch a few times as well as Sol Vista. Can't think of the other one...
It's above Boulder- perhaps the most liberal city ever.
It's a German-sounding town just below the site. STEEEEEP runs there. I wiped out a family of Japanese tourists there the last time I visited. Very icy that day. My pal from New York loved it - said that is what he learned to ski on.
Sol Vista is my favorite thus far. Ski on-Ski off site. Beautiful runs, and it's far less expensive than Winter Park right down the road. Can't beat that.
Come out to Utah! Can't help but do stuff outside!
(12-03-2011 07:30 AM)Dais Wrote: [ -> ]Do you get out much? What do you love to do outside? What is your season?

Tongue Dais

Well I'm going to say bicycling, and obviously in the summer. On the right trails, it gets you right into nature, and you can move really slow and quiet. And the absolute best, best, best part...that makes it even better than hiking...is the bugs can't keep up with you. Well, mosquitoes anyway. I can ride and not be attacked by the bugs. If I stop, to take a little rest or to get a drink, they come swooping in to get me. Then I have to be quickly off again.

Now I know that I read somewhere that Bubba wrote the bugs would follow him on his bicycle buzzing his head in "maddening clouds" or something like that. But they don't do that around here, they tend to not keep up with me even if I ride slow.
(12-03-2011 10:09 AM)CanyonDancer Wrote: [ -> ]Come out to Utah! Can't help but do stuff outside!

Utah... is that in the US? Tongue
(12-03-2011 10:45 AM)Mufasa Wrote: [ -> ]
(12-03-2011 10:09 AM)CanyonDancer Wrote: [ -> ]Come out to Utah! Can't help but do stuff outside!

Utah... is that in the US? Tongue

Noo thats Planet...OOOOTAH!
Well I would say that Fall is my main season (Spring following close behind, love them both!). The most that I do outside is take walks around my neighborhood, or the annual Fall drive that my family takes through the hills outside of town (with my camera on standby of course).
I like summer the best for being outside. It's not too hot here in the mtns and I can work in the garden and hike. There is a big meadow across the road, and past that, a neighbor has 400 acres that back the forest. REALLY nice hiking. You have to get out in the AM in the summer---monsoon season---and there's too much lightning to be out wandering in the afternoon.
Winter here is like a fairyland when it snows. So beautiful, but so cold.
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