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Full Version: Hopes and Dreams for 2012
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I always get kinda sentimental this time of year...counting my blessings from the previous year, looking forward to a fresh start in the year ahead. Not really a "resolution" thread, just a place to share what you'd most like to see happen in your perfect world in 2012...

For me, aside from continued health and safety for my loved-ones, I'm thinking it might be time for me to re-enter the work force after 10+ years of being an at-home mom. Yikes! An exciting but scary thought that I'm really not quite sure will all pan out, but I am hopeful that something meaningful (and flexible!) will come up!

Also praying for my Dad who lost his home in a fire in September and did not have insurance to cover the rebuilding costs (long story!). He's been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from people in his community - many of whom he calls "angels" (which is very unlike my Dad to use those terms b/c he is NOT religious by any stretch!) - and with their help he is starting to rebuild just this week! It was the house I grew up in, so it's been pretty emotional for me, but I'm excited to see the new and improved version of our little cottage on the lake once it is finished!

So many stories I could share about my Dad and this fire and his clockwork angels, but I guess I'll step aside now...looking forward to your replies!
Nice topic Deb!

Hopefully, I can start to figure out what I'm "supposed" to do with the rest of my life. Moving into the civilian sector after 20 yrs in the military will be interesting and challenging. Going back to school should help me figure that out. Hopefully...Undecided

I'd like to see all of our military folks back on home soil and out of those nasty places that we have no business being in.

I also hope that my mother and I can figure out a common ground to live on...the new dynamics we have going on are very difficult for me to deal with right now. She moved in with me after losing her job last year. She needs to stop treating me like a 12 yr-old, and I need to be more tolerant of her.

It'd be awful nice to find a cool guy to spend time with too... Blush

Oh and front row tickets to every show by The Boys within 200 miles of me would be great too, while we're dreaming... Angel
I'm dreaming right there with ya on those tickets girl!!

And I can only imagine the difficult dynamics of living with your parent(s) again as a grown-up...that has strife written all over it!

Sounds like a year of transition and new beginnings for you though so all of these things could very well come together nicely...new job, new man, new concerts (we'll pray the new man is a Rush fan too!) Tongue Exciting times! Keep us posted!
Thanks Deb, sounds like we are both in a transitory state! Smile Best of luck to you too!

I feel for your dad...I had a good friend lose everything in a fire just over a year ago, and he hasn't been the same since. Very traumatic thing to get through. He had a few angels but not enough to get him fully back up and running. It was an old, rural house and he had a lot of insurance and zoning issues to work out. I'm so glad your dad has folks looking out for him! Smile
I am hoping for those tickets, too. At least one show in the front row would make my year. *sigh* I wish for you both that all the things you want will come to pass and this year will be wonderful and full of joy and good things for you and your loved ones.

Okay, since we're talking about what we're planning I'm going to let you guys in on my little project.... As some of you know, I am a Stephen King fan. I work as a Beta tester for his website. While testing some new links last winter, I went to the Dollar Baby page. A Dollar Baby is one of SK's short stories which he sells the rights to for student and amateur film makers for $1. The stipulation is that it can't be released commercially, for money. Most of them enter film festivals or are student's finals. Well, I scanned the list of available stories and, to my great delight, there was the one I had always wanted to do; My Pretty Pony. It's contained in a short story collection that had previously been off-limits. So I filled out the paperwork, sent my $1 and I now have the rights to that story.

The story is basically a Grandfather imparting wisdom to his Grandson about time and how its passage changes as you grow older. It's not something you would expect from the pen of Stephen King. It's touching and endearing and beautiful. So, as I thought about who I would like to play that Grandfather, my mind went to several comments that Alex had made recently about loving being a Grandfather and I thought, "Why not ask him?" Oh sure, he's only done comedy but, I've seen it many times, comedians are very much able to do drama. Comedy is harder, really. So I thought I'd send him a copy of the story and see what he thought. I sent it to 2 venues towards the end of the tour last summer and crossed my fingers. When I lucked into a 4th row seat in Vancouver (thank you, Kelly D!) I made a rough sign to hold up: Alex, Please Star In My Film. I was pretty sure he'd see it and, after Presto, during Geddy's speechifying, he shouted down to me that he'd have to think about it. I was so happy that he said he would at least do that.

Later, I sent an email to Anthem/SRO and ended up communicating back and forth with Pegi Ciccone. She asked me to give it until mid-Sept. before I sent the first draft of the screenplay (she said that the office was under strict instructions to not bug the Boys for a couple of months after the tour - completely understandable and well-earned). This I did but by then Pegi was unable to help me as she was on leave. Finally, I did send a copy to Alex c/o Anthem and was passed along to Tyler Tasson. Then the screenplay went to Alex's Rep. (whoever that may be). I think s/he thought I was talking about filming in the near future and said Alex would be busy. So I emailed one more time to say that it would be at least Spring of 2013 before we could film. I'm waiting to hear back.

So, that's where we stand right now. I've had a vision of the final shot of this small, sweet story in my head since I first read it 20 years ago. The camera pulling away from the Grandfather and his Grandson as apple blossoms swirl around them in the later afternoon sunlight. How I would love to have Alex in that scene.

Honestly, I was reticent to be telling ya'll about this because I didn't want to give the impression that Bubba and this place had anything to do with me asking Alex to star in my film. I have been wanting to be a member here far longer than I have had the rights to the story. Now I know that what I have here is another support group, who would want to see me fulfill this dream, with or without Alex's help. And, man, do I appreciate the heck out of you all. Heart

May 2012 bring you all good things!!
Wow...that would be AWESOME if that worked out!!! Keep thinking positive! Best of luck to you!!! Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
That is so cool Skythe!! I applaud you for having the courage to take a chance to make your vision a reality! I'm of the opinion that the answer will always be no unless you ask, so ask and ye might receive, right??? Thanks so much for sharing...I hope it comes together!!
Very nice, Ladies! I hope that all your dreams are fulfilled this next year, even more than you might have imagined they would be!
As for me, besides looking forward to financial ruin as I become a Grandmother Big Grin I also hope to see more of my kids. I don't like living so far away from them even though they're all grown.
I have a TREMENDOUS yearning to create.
I used to write music and write poetry. I need to do more of that. There's also that book I've wanted to write...
For Christmas presents this year, I tried my hand at bracelet making. It was so fun, I want to make more bracelets and earrings.
I used to tool leather years ago, and this year, made leather crosses for people. I didn't tool them, but used conchos, dots, stitching, etc to decorate them. The large ones were 16" tall and the smaller ones were 9" tall. I took a pic of them but hubby accidentally deleted it. Oops. I have plenty of leather and adornments to make tons more.
I used to play percussion, guitar, and French horn. I really want to get my chops back this year....
And about those front row seats........I'm there!!!!
Post some pics of those creations, and the grandbaby when he/she arrives GW!!! You may already be aware of a website called ETSY (I think?) which is basically a marketplace for independent artisans such as yourself. (Hope it's ok 2 mention that here...I'm not affiliated with it at all..not an artistic bone in my body!) :-) Maybe you could get yourself a little online shoppe to supplement the Grama gift-giving fund!!

Best wishes in all your creative, and spoiling, adventures!!!
Gunga, that urge to create... go for it! And pick those instruments up again. It really is never too late, as I've found out. The first time I played the opening to Closer To The Heart I was so happy! You pick that guitar up again and we'll be playing duets by next summer Big Grin

Oh, and Deb is right, you should make an Etsy account to sell your stuff. That way you'll have plenty of dough for Grandbaby gifts. It's simple and not as work-intensive as ebay.
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