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Full Version: The De Luxe Bar and Grill, Seattle
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Scythe and I had a little (very tiny at the time) girl twenty one years and two days ago, we went out for her birthday dinner tonight. She chose a burger bar in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. It’s an… eccentric area in a pretty eccentric city. Here's Katie and her girlfriend at the Bremerton ferry dock Starbucks on our way into the city.

[Image: IMG00326.jpg]

here we are

[Image: IMG00328.jpg]

Scythe, our daughter, and her girlfriend waiting to be seated. That’s the bar in the background.

[Image: IMG00329.jpg]

The décor was nice, and the Scotch selection was admirable, though they didn’t have the MaCallan. They did specialize in a limited selection of rare imported small distilleries. They had an Islay, a Skye, and Seaside that I have only seen at the Scotch museum in Edinburgh. They also had two Japanese Scotches that I had never seen.
Scythe had and Amaretto sour,

[Image: IMG00342.jpg]

I had a local oatmeal stout,

[Image: IMG00334.jpg]

and the birthday girl had a fuzzy navel.

[Image: IMG00335.jpg]

The food was quite good. My only complaint is that the fries were a bit limp but that is typical of home cut that are fried once. My opinion is that you cut them, dunk them in salt sugar water, freeze them, dunk them in the hot oil for 1 minute, let them rest for 2 minutes while the oil comes back up to temp, and finish the fry. So, that being said here’s Scythe’s Monte Cristo, a battered and baked sandwich of ham cheese and turkey accompanied in this case by and apple raisin compote. She judges all of these by the one that she gets at the Blue Bayou in Disneyland. She gave this one a 7.

[Image: IMG00344.jpg]

Our daughter had the bacon burger. Sorry for the blurry pic, I had to move fast as she attacked it. She loves this burger.

[Image: IMG00343.jpg]

Her girlfriend had the fish and chips. Nicely sized beer battered pieces fried perfectly. They were crisp and not oily.

[Image: IMG00345.jpg]

I had the Ragin’ Cajun burger, a medium rare prime burger with Cajun spice, crisp fried onion, spicy mustard, and andioulle sausage. It was very good, really very good.

[Image: IMG00346.jpg]
Bill for four with drinks was 80.
Shoulda told me you were headed over!
(02-27-2012 08:05 PM)Snapdad Wrote: [ -> ]Shoulda told me you were headed over!

Oh, I didn't realize you were nearby. next time we all come over, I'll be sure to let you know Smile
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