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Ohh another cow jazz junkie.

Heard a song the other day by Travis Tritt..."Its a Great Day to be Alive". Funny - thats the same song that was playing when I bought my first and my second HARLEY!.
Yeah Boomer, As much as I love Canadian Polka music, I'll always be a
fan of GOOD county . My Dad was in country bands in the 40's and 50"s in western Canada and then in L.a. Cal. I grew up with old country, I'm really picky... not a big fan of a lot of the new "POP" country.
I keep a list of country stuff I like. Stuff like George Strait, Alan Jackson, a few others. Not really diggin todays stuff though....not really country - more....teenie bop stuff.

My parents weren't really happy about my musical choices when I drove the car though. Line was finally drawn when dad got in his truck one day, and all he said was "Boy - you ain't right in the head!".
Pulled an oldie but goodie outta' the junk drawer last night...(what?...you don't have a junk drawer?!)

Concrete Blonde-"Bloodletting"...kind of got that French Quarter/Interview With a Vampire vibe to it!
Toys in the Attic,,,,,,,,,1975 wasn't that far back.
Why can't newer bands keep it simple like this?
[quote='MAL_ONE' pid='33027' dateline='1330021650']
Toys in the Attic,,,,,,,,,1975 wasn't that far back.
Not to us old guys... My 22 yr old son was born in 90'(obviuoslySmile ) These young guys dont even relate to most of the music from "our day"
I was so lucky to have "cool" parents. I missed out on Three Dog Night's 1972 tour, and my parents promised to take me to the next concert I wanted to see. I was 11. They didn't know what hit them when Black Sabbath came to town! A band called Shotgun opened for them. (Never heard of them before or since then.) Their lead singer opened the show by shooting blanks from a 12 gauge pump over the crowd. Back then it was standard procedure for jugs and bottles of wine to be passed around the crowd (along with another item that sadly has been moved to outside areas with the advent of no smoking arenas). My parents were amused, and we politely passed the items down the aisle when they came our way. As luck would have it they did not turn against my taste in music and continued to take me to shows. We saw Black Oak Arkansas, Grand Funk Railroad, Santana, The Stones, Bowie, Moody Blues, and a few more. Looking back I realize how lucky I was. My Mom did say that rock & roll was just a fad and would soon be replaced by something new. Gotta give her partial credit for that prediction. Just look how music (for the younger generations) has changed. Rock has survived the test of time, though. I was lucky to have had the opportunity to have two of my grandsons spend most of their lives with me due to problems in their family. I "brought them up right" listening to my favorite music, and they still like it. They are in high school now. I glance at their MP3 players on occasion to see what they are listening to. So far so good. At least they wear their pants pulled up where they were designed to be worn! Bowie hit it dead center in "Changes", though:

and these children that you spit on

as they try to change their worlds

are immune to your consultations.

They're quite aware what they are going through.

Ch-ch-ch-ch changes
Anybody else seen this? Jacob Moon, he's pretty awsome!
I was listening to the Boys last night, HYF from the Sector 3 box, and there are some really cool little additions to the songs. Smile
Bear - it appears that the sound has been disabled on that link for some reason. But I found this one...

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