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Hey Sunset - we do allow vids to be posted in here. In fact, there are tools in the posting page to actually help you do that. I've posted a couple myself and they work pretty good, but lets avoid any videos from the Boys please.

Clearly sir, I know not of what you speak.Wink
Foghat Live. slow ride....
Last night it was bull elk bugling in the meadow in front of our house, and cow elk mewing in the wash behind us!
The property just up the road from where I am used to be some kind of zoo, and they still have a wolf pack. You can hear them howling like mad three times a day -- presumably for food -- on that side of the house.

And then they get really excited with the local coyotes show up in the middle of the night....
Thanks to Scythe - Power Windows. (Thank Ted for SM....K?)
Raylene Rankin died this afternoon. She was only 52 -- was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001, went into remission, came out of remission, then was diagnosed with liver cancer a couple of years ago. Such an angelic voice as part of The Rankin Family from Mabou, Cape Breton Island.

Gillis Mountain is one of my fave Rankin Family songs, and Raylene sings it beautifully as a solo too. (Sorry the video sucks, but it's such a great song....)
So one day I was yet again immersing myself in ShakaLabbits vids on YT, when I stumbled across a collaboration they did with a singer named Kyoko, or 杏子 in Kanji. So despite the fact that the collaboration kinda blew (it's called "Wandering Boots" if you're curious - not bad, but if you're going to sing a duet, why do it in the ever-annoying unison?) I had to check Kyoko out, and I'm glad I did. She's got a serious rasp, a little like Kim Carnes, sometimes with a touch of Martha Davis, Darby Mills, Stevie Nicks and Janis. She'd been in a band called "Barbee Boys" through the '80s, then another called "Fukimimi" in the '90s before she went solo.

Have a look at "Stop! " with the Barbees - clearly the very last encore, 'cause she goes for broke vocally. (I'm in love, and it's The Real Thing This Time. Big Grin) Also, I think the tune's subtitle must be "Japan (and Canada, heh-heh) gets all the best bass players."

Hmm, I'm not able to get the vids to embed using the [youtube][/youtube] coding pair. Anyone know what the correct ones are? Embedding would beat the heck out of tripping off to the YouTube site in a separate window.

Some PT...Double live CD comes out in November....finally!!
Richard Seguin, who's been dubbed the Bob Dylan of Quebec. On the electronic turntable yesterday was the greatest hits package, with one of my favourites off Journées d'Amerique, L'ange Vagabond.

(It's got an English chorus to sing along with....) Cool
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