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(11-08-2012 11:08 AM)MAL_ONE Wrote: [ -> ]I must admit that I have been a slight Kisstorian for many years now.
In a world where most 2-way marriages don't work, it is even harder to
make a 4 member group work. I miss Peter & Ace also,but there is so
much to the story it is best not to get it going here. I think there comes
a point whether or not one can appreciate the product a company produces.
It is, after all, the music business. That being said,KISS is a brand and,
love em or hate em, they will always deliver a product that holds up to a
certain criteria that meets their fans expectations. And I think this is
true for all of our favorite groups. Not every one of their records can be
their best. But we know that when we buy their product, it will meet our
minimum requirements, at least on some level.

With KISS, it is best to leave the infightning to themselves and just
listen to the music.

I noticed they are on the list of bands with the boyz at Swiss fest...Rock-On!
Okay - I gotta share this.

Went out to the community college to pick up my youngest daughter. On the way home we are surfing thru the radio channels, and she stops me and says some word I cant even begin to know what it was.....the music, oddly enough, sounded like some sort of high end discotheque music that I had never heard before. When we got home, I asked her in front of the whole family what it was, and she said....."Gangnam Style". Popped it up on my phone on Youtube, and noticed my grandson Dale jukin and jivin like some dancing monkey!

I must live in a cave cuz I ain't never heard of that before.
I'm in the same boat as you, Boomer! Never heard of it.
My future son-in-law's brother writes electronic music that sounds similar. I guess he's getting a bit of fame, too. The stuff he writes is called "Drum and Bass." It builds and builds and then "drops". Apparently, the bigger climax (yes, Muffy...I said "climax" Rolleyes ) and dramatic drop in the music, the better. Everyone literally cheers.
I must be getting old......
Y'all need to check out the video for that Gangnam style thing...it's mindbogglingly ridiculous. But I reckon that's why it's so popular.

You guys.... get with it! Wink
Saw the video last night...but its not QUITE my thing.

My Lynyrd Skynyrd cds were growling at it!!
It's a little different and as stated above like Boomer not my style either. However I've got some Cynic playing right now Smile
Not quite my thing either, but I can see why some people might dig it.
Kinda catchy....
(OMG, did I just say "dig it") ??
(11-09-2012 09:10 AM)Onebad70ss Wrote: [ -> ]Not quite my thing either, but I can see why some people might dig it.
Kinda catchy....
(OMG, did I just say "dig it") ??

Far out, man. You totally said "dig it." Cool

It is catchy, isn't it? I spent 2 years in Korea - that's exactly what their busses look like too!
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