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I sent Kristen ( my sax player) a list of songs that spotlighted the sax. Time Passages, Year of the Cat, Song On The Radio, Jazz Man...
Told her I would kill to be able to play like she can. I hope she uses it on stage some day.
...you know, originally there was no plan to have sax on "Year of the Cat" (the solo was going to be another instrument) but the producer (Alan Parsons) said you MUST have a sax solo...Al was very unsure but consented. Of course, he later realized how smart it was and it is now considered to be one of the best sax solos ever...
Been listening to Whitehorse, Serena Ryder, Gordon Lightfoot, and Daniel Lanais.
...two relatively new CDs from The Ditty Bops:
"Love Letters" and "Summer Rains."

Wonderful! If you don't know them and you like vocal harmonies, you MUST check them out!
Octane Twisted at unacceptable office volume. Cool
Today is Cynic(UK)'s Suburban Crisis! NWoBHM to the CORE!!!!!!!!
Pink Floyd's live cd "Pulse". Speaking of great sax solo's - Clarence Clemmons on Jungleland
Just scoot forward to 4:25.
If I am struggling with anything... this is in my head. A lot.
Passed many an exit zoned out on this.

Here at the store it's Christmas music (aka muzack). But far and away my favorite on rotation is Jethro Tull's Christmas album. Deluxe version comes with a DVD of the band cranking out a few of the songs.
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