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(12-18-2012 08:04 AM)BrianW Wrote: [ -> ]Here at the store it's Christmas music (aka muzack). But far and away my favorite on rotation is Jethro Tull's Christmas album. Deluxe version comes with a DVD of the band cranking out a few of the songs.

Ahh yes - metal band of the year.... Tull. <snort>
I like that album as well, Brian.
I gave the CPT's new zoot-capri remixed and shined-up 2112 a listen today. Sounds wonderful! Great job, Lerxst! Big Grin
Since Mother Nature has graced us with about 16 inches of the frozen white precipitation, I've got some TSO and Mannheim Steam Roller playing.
...the newly re-mastered King Crimson "Larks Tongues in Aspic" which is amazing!
Listening to Yusuf's Roadsinger.
Led Zeppelin Celebration Day ~ Blu Ray.
Reunion show from 2007, absolutely fabulous.
Considering that they haven't toured in over 30 years,
they rehearsed for only 6 weeks for this one-off show.
Not touring, they got one shot to film their performance ~extremely impressive !
I am smiling! Both in excellent condition, inside and out!
Sweet! Way to go Santa!
Doors L.A. Woman. Been on the road a lot.
I love Billy Idol's version the single. Driving, powerful vocals and drums. Steve Stevens tearing up on lead gitter'.
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