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Digging Coldplay lately, as well as Bjork. On the other side I have a need for The Deftones and Slipknot...of course I listene to a certain Canadian Folk Trio at least 3 times a week(I run to them, sayin?).
Yep. I sure do.

I was listening to Weird Al's new album. He's still got it Big Grin
(02-23-2012 02:42 PM)desertbear Wrote: [ -> ][quote='MAL_ONE' pid='33027' dateline='1330021650']
Toys in the Attic,,,,,,,,,1975 wasn't that far back.
Not to us old guys... My 22 yr old son was born in 90'(obviuoslySmile ) These young guys dont even relate to most of the music from "our day"

I remember seeing Aerosmith (front row) in 1978 with AC/DC as an
opening act;suprisingly, AC/DC was booed off the stage. Tickets were
a measely six bucks and t shirts another five. The good 'ole days, a
concert with two great bands and a t-shirt for eleven dollars. Nowadays
we're talking at least two hundred bucks if you want a decent seat.
And I remember my father always telling me as a kid, "Times haven't really
Now that's the laugh I needed today ! Cool
Currently listening to The Babys Anthology.
Going through my storage the other day I found an old
concert ticket stub for them, dated 1980 playing in the
gymnasium at Fresno State University.
Cost: five dollars at the door.
What a great band featuring John Waite and Jonathan Cain.
Too bad the public never really "got" it.
Busted out some of my faves last night and almost got "the look" from Billie: Primus-"Pork Soda" and The Clash-"London Calling"...both have excellent rythyms and bass lines, but the Clash definitely have the upper hand in the lyrical department. I mentioned "the look" because she doesn't really care for either band, and I had the volume on 11!
"The Yes Album" Can't believe I have let the dust gather on this one for so long.
Got THE BOYZ on right now. Got some news that Im not happy about....maybe the Canuck Polka Boyz can lift me up a skosh!
If they can't no one can. Hope all is well, Boomer.
(02-29-2012 05:24 PM)boomer Wrote: [ -> ]Got THE BOYZ on right now. Got some news that Im not happy about....maybe the Canuck Polka Boyz can lift me up a skosh!

Ok big guy, that's the second time you mentioned the bad news...fess up, not something a tankard of the McCallan could cure? Hope not, we're here for you man!Huh
Going into a whole calm Zen thing and listening to "Silent Heart" CD by Karunesh.
Unfortunately no amount of Macallan or Jaegermeister or even that special rum ol Muffy drinks will solve this. All I can tell you right now is that its not good, but I need a bit of time to get some confirmation and to assemble my thoughts. Its awful hard to put into words just how hard this is right now given the circumstances.

Thanks guys for caring tho. Appreciate it!
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