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I listen to J-rock almost exclusively these days because for whatever reason that's apparently the only country in the world that hasn't forgotten what melody is, but it had been awhile since I'd paid a visit to JAM. The 2nd anniversary of the Japan quake and devastating tsunami had me surfing YouTube, and somebody's put "Kyoto" back there after a long absence.

YMMV, but that tune just seems to fit that whole mood of mellowness and a little sadness mixed with relentless hope and determination - especially this version from the '96 tour. Yes, my H.S. heavy metal buddies would've disowned me if they knew I was listening to this kind of stuff, but that'd be their loss - life without melody is worthless, and Yuki and the boys turned melody into magic.

[If you're curious, the Romanized Japanese lyrics and English translations are here.]
Definitely two classics there. Blind Faith was a really great grouping and Can 't Find My Way Home was my favorite from that album. I first heard this in the movie "Fandango", it was my favorite of that classic soundtrack.
Steve Winwood has that unique voice that is so recognizable.
Queen "A Night at the Opera"
"Two Sides of Peter Banks" is spinning...the poor chap died last week.
Ok,,,ok...everyone try not to laugh at this one.
I have been listening to Winger -- In the Heart of the Young.
Kip Winger is a decent bass player and not bad at all as a vocalist.
The guitar player, Reb Beech, is probably one of the most overlooked
assets when in came to the 80s-90s bands. His guitar playing is simply incredible.
However, the very best thing about Winger is that we get the
phenomenal Rod Morgenstein on drums. His extraordinary performances
with the Dixie Dregs has made him one of my favorite drummers of all time.
Rod continues to show his unique style of playing on the off-beat, while
delivering some of the biggest and tastiest drum fills on record.
Here is a link to one of my faves on the album (album,,,ah those were the

Listen to Rod's playing on the intro and coming out of the solo; it is really
well thought out. However, the part that is even better is when they go
through the outro. Here you get the classic, improvisational Morgenstein, ~~just awesome.
Rod has always been a monster.
(03-27-2013 11:37 AM)Mufasa Wrote: [ -> ]Rod has always been a monster.

Boy Howdy!

I first saw the Dixie Dregs in 1978. What a band and Rod was the anchor for the band. Truly "over the top!" Soooo tasty and innovative.

(Song title pun intended!)
Been a Dregs fan since their debut on Kirshner!
You guys heard their version of "Kashmir"?
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