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I'm walking out of Meijer grocery store and my wife asks
"whats that sound?"
I pull out my cell and lo n behold it had dialed up the Rush 2 pack of Caravan and BU2B on its own.
Smart phone indeed!
Carry on!
Satchmo blowing horn on a New Orleans mix cd in the store.
For me lately it is some of the lesser-known Progressive Rock bands: FM, Starcastle, and Brand X.
(04-21-2013 07:27 PM)Scooter Britches Wrote: [ -> ]Got the Led Zep catalogue (minus the radio hits) on random in iTunes. That is a damn fine band, sayin'? Blues, country, rock...they could do it all!

That was my favorite band until I got into the Canadian Trio at 14.
Nung, I had forgotten about Star Castle. My buddy had their album. Thanks!
(05-03-2013 08:22 PM)BrianW Wrote: [ -> ]Nung, I had forgotten about Star Castle. My buddy had their album. Thanks!

They are one of those bands that divide people...
OPTION A: They are terribly derivative of Yes!
OPTION B: No, they are influenced by Yes but are worth a listen.

I waffle between both!
Listening to the peepers down in the swamp. Ah, spring.
Had "Dark Matter" in my head for two days now. Specifically, the solo at 5:30.

Was listening the other night to the old radio show "Mystery Theater". During the host's opening monologue he started saying a few lines that reminded me a bit of Freewill or even Roll the Bones.

"Is each mans luck ordained from the beginning, and fated to be? Or not to be? Or is it all a random throw of the dice? A casual flip of a coin? Do we tamper with fate, at our peril?”

The following story kind of strays from these themes but is a pretty good story none the less. Check it out and have a listen:

Mystery theater: Three Times Dead (1974 with original commercials)
The best of the Dregs,,,,,,
favorite tracks this week are Kat Food, Hereafter, and of course Cruise Control.

Steve Morse is a total shredder and Rod's drumming is so,,, ahhhhh,,,, inspiring.
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