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(06-01-2013 09:18 AM)Mufasa Wrote: [ -> ]Neighbors chain saw. I can probably take him out from here with my marker...

Fill 'im full o' paint!
Yesterday it was the re-master of the last genesis CD "Calling All Stations." Last night it was "Black Light Syndrome" by Bozzio/Levin/Stevens and "Grace for Drowning" by Steven Wilson.

If I can, I would gently (actually, LOUDLY) insist that everyone who as any affection for progressive rock listen to "Grace..." as it is absolutely stunning! (And his newest--"The Raven that Wouldn't Sing"--is even better!)
A couple of my friends do this online "radio" show. They play all kinds of great music:


Last night they played some Yes, Genesis, Tull, Zep, Strawbs, Who... and even some Canadian Polka Band. But they played an old favorite of mine - Operator by Jim Croce. Man, it had been awhile. Brought a tear to my eye and some memories to my mind. Smile

(05-21-2013 08:00 PM)BrianW Wrote: [ -> ]VU re: Genesis
Favorite albums? I never tire of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Foxtrot, and Nursery Cryme. Love the Peter Gabriel records with the 'original' band.
Nung: don't forget Steve Hackett's solo work too (Hackett to Pieces).

A Trick Of The Tail thru Duke is my favorite "era" but I have their entire catalog, including those box sets in SACD (DVDs too!). Genesis is my second favorite band Wink

I also have solo work from all the band members, even Ant Philips! I love Tony Banks' stuff so much! Have you heard his latest classical album, Six?
I am nutso about Ant's work. He has so many albums; they are all very good to excellent. And Banks' classical discs are absolutely lovely. I was playing SIX this weekend.
Today's soundtrack has some Seether, Shinedown, Them Crooked Vultures and Tantric playing thru the sound system.
Today was my grandfather's funeral. I have a feeling I may write about him here in the future. My son and I spent the day driving from the funeral home (stopped with Uncle Joe for egg sandwiches) to the church to the cemetery to "Buona Sera" for lunch Italian style. He suggested popping "Clockwork" in anticipation of the day "Aerosmith" comes to town June 23.

We played it backwards for some reason. He really digs it and so do I.

Now I realize that this is part of the soundtrack to my life right now and particularly this day.

Now I hear him upstairs listening to other songs on the set list.
Sorry for your loss, VU. Sad

I think most of us have had CA as our soundtrack for the last year. I know I have.
That's so cool that we have a collective experience.
Another band I'm not real sure how I first stumbled onto - likely veg-mode surfing on YouTube - but which I'm liking lots is Light Bringer.

They're unapologetic '80s-type pop-metal but with a startling instrumental prowess that's drawn from the same well as LTE, Dream Theater and them three frostbitten Canadian boys. Good examples are Ark - seriously tight playing happening there - and the associated forward-thinker Noah, which is a somewhat-cheesy yet fascinating performance vid (check out the drums/bass interplay around the 2 minute mark - Billy's influence is making itself felt with the youngsters, methinks.) I'm thinking they must've had an early demo playing for the video shoot though, 'cause some of Hibiki's bass fills are all motion and no sound - 'didn't make the final cut? Hmm...

'Not sure what the Biblical references are about - I don't have enough of a handle on their language to tell, but I don't think they're Christian rock. I just know it sounds good. And not having a handle on their language is a nice filter: No passing off a mediocre song on the strength of catchy lyrics when you don't know what the hell the lyrics are about. It's either got appealing musicality, or it doesn't. This does.

Anyhoo, the rock 'n roll is out there, you just gotta do some digging for it. I'm thinking this "cultural cross-pollination" stuff is turning out to be a great thing. Big Grin
Pretty good stuff there, SC. Big Grin Noah sounds a bit like music from Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz. I'm gonna have to look into this one.Cool

I've been listening to some of Chris Poland's work post Megadeth. He's an awesome Jazz guitarist who really has some excellent Metal/Prog/Rock abilities. Return To Metalopolis and his follow up very short lived group Damn The Machine are both quite good. Also good to listen to if you are into fusion are his group OHM, and his later solo offerings are worth listening to.
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