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Following from Brian's earlier post:

A Certain Trio's new release, _Tour of the Mechanical Paragons Live from Dallas_. Angel

I can't name one track in particular as the standout--the whole album is first-rate.
YES, Mufasa!
It is a fine song from a wonderful and under-rated album ("Talk"). The contrasts in that song are great and as usual with Yes, the lyrics are so positive. I especially like the dreamy tune immediately after "The Calling" titled "I Am Waiting" (and I woke up yesterday with it going around my brain). But even better is the closing suite/title track on the album. Such an intense and emotional piece...I am not ashamed to say that it usually makes me weep.

As I listened to some Todd Rundgren today (the album "Todd") I remembered the thought I had yesterday when I was listening to "Reaper" by Anthony Phillips...music is often wonderful, uplifting, and motivating but a select, few artists transcend that and are truly geniuses that create sublime, life-changing music.

As Todd sings...'A dream lives on forever...'
(11-01-2013 08:49 PM)Gungawoman Wrote: [ -> ]Well, it's a legitimate question.....



Gunga, I haven't laughed that hard since I last watched the Roberto Benigni scene in "Night on Earth." Freakin' hilarious! I love pondering imponderable(?) questions, but rarely do they crack me up, and never like that. Someone in Norway's found the ganja, methinks. Big Grin

Ok, here's my current spin: 'Just got the disc "Concentration" by the months-old band Art of Gradation. It's both guitarists (Seiya and Kazu,) and the excellent drummer (Satoru,) of Light Bringer, fronted by dual female vocalists (Michiru and Ibuki - not sure what all the minimalist names are about, but whatever.)

I have no idea what the circumstances were in Kazu, Seiya and Satoru's exit from Light Bringer, but I knew something was terribly wrong when I got the new LB release "Scenes of Infinity" back in May. The punchy '80s-type metal with the precise prog-instrumental factor that made "Genesis" such an arse-kicker, gets followed up with a different guitarist, a different drummer, a veritable textbook case of overproduction that even Fuki's outstanding vocals couldn't save? Yeek. Again: whatever. Another of my favorite Japanese rock bands has self-destructed, apparently.

So those three guys start up a new band and... Well it's promising and appealing, but neither of the two singers is anywhere near Fuki's level of talent - they're basically girly-pop - though the core is '80s pop-metal with some excellent musicianship. My first impression was (no lie!) an analogy to food: They're like a fruit that's not quite ripe. The songs are appealing but not outstanding, the instrumental flourishes are not as ambitious as in Light Bringer but they show promise. I get the impression that some serious time spent playing together will yield a meatier release next time around. 'Got three tunes from the disc on my 'Net station anyhow.

'Best of the lot is track #7, "Hajimari no Sora" (Beginning of the Sky,) but this sampler doesn't get to it, unfortunately. Just a great, punchy, energetic rocker with a rather surprising guitar melody at the outset that gets fleshed out nicely in the vocal. "Compelling" is a good description. 'Also reminds me of what Mr. Sheehan once said about the importance of hammering out a good melodic song before you even go into the studio. They're doing it right. 'Just need some marinating.

D'OH! Mini-review. Sorry - 'still burning off some of today's caffeine...
If the rest of the album is this good, I may have to get it.

Today I continued with my Todd theme and moved over to one of my fav's: "A Wizard, a True Star."
Such a great, psychedelic way to start the day!
Blue Oyster Cult - "Don't fear the Reaper" Perfect song for today - I need more cowbell!
"I got a FEVA!!! and the only prescription... is more COWBELL!"
Listening to Alter Bridge last night.(hey...anyone that can cover Kashmir...)
Someone turned me on to Winery Dogs today. Cool stuff!
For me:

Utopia's "Deface the Music."
(It is their uncanny Beatles homage. A very interesting CD!)
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