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That is an extraordinary song, Brian. It is very close to my heart and of course it does make one think of those who are no longer with us.
'Discovered another great "chick band" that would almost certainly have gotten my arse kicked if my H.S. heavy metal buddies knew I was listening to it - but... their loss, ultimately.

Just a couple of days ago I finally clicked on something that kept showing up in my YouTube results when I'd surf for the Japanese bands Light Bringer or Gacharic Spin - something called "Doll$Boxx." 'Got sick of seeing it and I'm partial to dollar signs, so I clicked - and to my surprise, beneath the cheesy Lolita getups is a tight-as-a-gnat's-arse band with some great instrumental chops and songwriting.

On digging a little I read that it was a one-off release with members of Gacharic Spin (a little on the techno side, but with a stunning bassist and respectable guitarist,) and the excellent vocalist Fuki from Light Bringer. Ah! All immediately became clear.

A little keyboard-heavy for my taste and I'm not a fan of Cookie Monster vocal processors, but ...'can't hide talent, these guys have it to burn, and slap or no slap, I could listen to Koga jam on that bass for hours without coming up for air. Call me a first-class geek, but once this tune finds its groove it makes me feel like I'm doing Mach 4 in a jetpack...


Wait for it... wait for it...
Tonight I'm taking a musical journey to Vinland and listening to Type O Negative's...October Rust . This will tide me over until I recieve my red copy of Dead Again. The last studio release of this Awesome NYC Metal Band. They were too short lived. RIP Peter Steele.Sad
"Sound City-Real to Reel," the compilation album from the Dave Grohl doc "Sound City."
I CAN'T STOP LISTENING! Sooooo many rawkin' nuggets on this platter!
One of my faves (purty much all of them) is this campy lil' ditty featuring Ving Lee (a-la LA punk band Fear) on lead vocals.
I dig the chorus so much, I made it into a ring tone on my hubby's phone. Cool
"Your Wife is Calling"
The Mermen ("The Amazing California Health & Happiness Roadshow" CD). If you even remotely like modern surf music you must give it a try. (I hope you like your surf music with a healthy dollop of psychedelia!)
Anything Beatles. Went to see the tribute show Rain last week in Concord, NH. Very good show if you haven't seen it. "George" shredded guitar.
The older I get, the more I appreciate the Beatles. Most of their work was recorded on four track. Incredible!

My 18 year old daughter turned me on to a band recently that is so different and catchy. Very different sound and it's rare that I like a whole "album" on a first listen.

Anyone ever hear of Vampire Weekend? They are based in NYC. Definitely a band to watch...
So true! The Beatles have always been a real favorite for me. The newish re-masters just blew my mind.

Vampire Weekend has gotten alot of attention over the last few years.
And if you really want a (new) band that has the same vibe, check out "The Temples." NPR alerted me to them. Interesting stuff.
Sammay Hagar / VOA ("Swept Away" makes me break out in a sweat...)

38 Special / Wild-eyed Southern Boys
Matchbox Twenty, Adele, and U2 on Spotify
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