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"Help" by that Liverpool band. (The re-mastered version is stunning, especially for the vocals.)
I've been sampling King Crimson on Youtube.
Now you are stepping up to real quality, Brian! There are a lot of fine bands but to me King Crimson is the top of the "Progressive" movement. Fripp and Bruford are brilliant and the other members throughout the years have defined the roles for their respective instruments.
KC is unreal. Lots of talent in that group.
Alice Cooper greatest hits - going to see him for the first time this fall. He is touring with Motley Crue. Plenty of time to grow the mullet.
"One thing-no lie... Ethyl's frigid as an Eskimo pie."

Grand Funk Live.
Some singing contest guy belting out a CPT tune. It was pretty good!
Check these guys out!

(03-03-2014 09:34 AM)Mufasa Wrote: [ -> ]"One thing-no lie... Ethyl's frigid as an Eskimo pie."


Heard some acoustic Sevendust on the radio. Might try to catch them live in concert.....sounded pretty good.
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