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(08-29-2014 01:53 PM)Sunset Wrote: [ -> ]Cuz it's a loooooooovedrive, on wheels of fi-yahh...a loooooooooovedrive, just one desi-yahh...loooove...sweeeeeeeet love

You drive..me..craay..zee..babe!

Now that's some deep and introspective lyricisin' yo...Big Grin

Deep, introspective, and oh so enlightening. The lead guitar on the original version has a small bit of talent.Big Grin
A wee bit indeed.Big Grin

Sure brings back memories of simpler times...
"77 Times" by Tom Griesgraber. He is a stick player. It is a gorgeous tune that keeps you wondering how such beautiful music can exist.

Check it out. (It is also an excellent tune to test your stereo by the way)
Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas. Work work work, oh to be done.
Love that tune! Just turned my son onto the Best of Kansas last week on the way to the gym. He liked "Carry On," "Point of no Return" (my favorite) and "Dust in the Wind."

Not sure but I heard one that they all met at Julliard. Is that true?
Joe Bonamassa mostly. His new one "Different Shades of Blue" rocks.
In midst of making Carmel Corn, waiting for Fireman to return home from the Inlaws with a load of wood for the outdoor furnace and listening to some Loreena McKennit.
Ah, Autumn returns to make us remember where we stashed those sweaters!

Well, not here in the desert...
Sampling Beth Hart live on Youtube. What a voice.
Feeling angry? This'll help...


...or maybe not, but at least you'll be rocking.Big Grin
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