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Lemmy! He's good for most of the major emotions - well maybe not snuggling by a fireplace with your honey, but pretty much everything else. That was a nice shot in the arm - thanx!

I'm happily diving into "Psycho Daze Bass" by this guy:

Much like an IPA, I have to be in a certain mood to want to sit down and listen to a bass album, but today I was in such a mood. Though obviously a disciple of Mr. Sheehan, with "Psycho Daze Bass" Masaki Kurata has recorded the kind of bass album I wish Billy would do - one that captures the palpable rawness of an in-person live performance with the controlled composition of the studio. I've been a Sheehan freak since the evening of October 4, 1980 (when his band Talas bass-ically stole the show from Van Halen,) but his studio albums have always been a disappointment from the bass-lover's perspective - well mine, at any rate. He should talk to Masaki's producer, methinks.

Speaking of outstanding bassists, I'm not particularly into the slap style, but I really, really want to know where Koga Michiko gets her caffeine:
(If Jonas Hellborg had a kid sister... )
I've got to do a new CD run - the new Joe Bonamassa album is out this week, along with Slash featuring Miles Kennedy and the Conspirators, and Leonard Cohen's new one out all this week.
Looking forward to the "new" "Pink Floyd" one in November.
IN heavy rotation around chez JrGtr42 is Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Live in Japan and 11:11. Think Flamenco meets metal.
Very cool.
(09-27-2014 08:09 AM)JrGtr42 Wrote: [ -> ]IN heavy rotation around chez JrGtr42 is Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Live in Japan and 11:11. Think Flamenco meets metal.
Very cool.

Those two have a good grind...I particularly enjoy the percussive nature of their unique style.
Moon Hoochs' This Is Cave Music, nice interview on CMU public radio with drummer Johm Muschler.
Illusions on a Double Dimple by Triumvirat.

I finally got several of their old titles on CD. I feel like I am in 1977 once more!
The new Joe Bonamassa and a few of the older Alter Bridge. Hitting the Fillmore here in town on Sunday night for the Alter Bridge show, should be a good one. Only down side is battling the traffic with the Tigers game that will be going on across the street...game time is still TBD...GAH!!
Somebody put Steely Dan in my head. Aja.
Love Aja! Good call BW!
My Ozzy collection? collecting dust for months.
My Black Sabbath Collection? Collecting dust for months.
My Iron Maiden Collection? ditto.....
But my only music I listened to this week, was my Rush Instrumental Mix cd. still moves me!
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