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Can Utility and the Coastliners, Genesis
Road trip to and from York, PA for the TCA convention with Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and John Denver...
Halloween's coming, so once again time for the "Mr. Bones" Sega Saturn soundtrack, from the late, great Ronnie Montrose, a.k.a. the Blind Man 'Also need to upload a few more tunes from it to the 'Net radio station. My favorite month for programming - heavy on the goofball scary tunes. "Mr. Bones" is easily the most hilarious video game I've ever played, more so even than "Grim Fandango" and "Starship Titanic" - the hero is a dead blues guitarist and the villain is a drummer, LOL. 'Might have to dig out the Saturn for another spin, but time is an issue at the moment - the annual Halloween short story is barely past the "really kickarse title" stage, and I've got less than two weeks. Auugh!

Fans of RonMon who haven't heard Mr. Bones need to check it out though - great stuff, and he got Joey Heinemann, the phenomenal keyboardist from the original Stilettos, to play on it. ('Fond memories of countless weekends at the Key Largo club and Shanghai Lounge in Portland, spending lots of takehome pay on malted beverages and soaking up those five phenomenal musicians' output. The Stilettos were Curtis Salgado's band, and Salgado was John Belushi's inspiration for the Blues Brothers - he caught a Salgado show in Eugene while they were filming Landis' classic "Animal House," and the rest, as they say...) Digression, 'sorry.
(10-17-2014 08:56 PM)BrianW Wrote: [ -> ]Can Utility and the Coastliners, Genesis

Such a great song! One of Peter's best vocals.
I just came back from a weekend of camping so I listened to lots of tunes both in the vehicle and at the campsite. I have been re-listening to the Polka Trio's output recently and so I covered several of the mid-period CDs. It is always interesting to revisit old favs. I hear things I never quite picked up on before. That darn drummer just amazes me. It was just the energetic stuff I needed to get through the sorting and packing at the trailhead (I always travel very heavy; all the photo gear plus the usual camping gear conspire to fill my giant pack.)
Alter Bridge.....new Bob Seger.....little bit of Joe Bonamassa.

And some new Foo.
Speaking of CSPT...Angel

About a month ago I was shocked to notice the shameful, gaping holes in my collection. Lost, worn out, loaned and never returned, recorded on formats I don't even have the necessary equipment to play them on anymore, etc...

Soooo...this morning I sat down in front of the glowing screen with the keyboard, clickety-clicked my way into the sum of all human knowledge, placed my orders(8 in all), and am now awaiting the arrival of the brown truck.

Gonna get my groove (back) on...yessiree...
I did the same thing. I try to cover so many styles and artists so I am always adding CDs but I as i slowly and methodically filled in so many esoteric and rare blanks in my collection I realized that about half of the trio's output was only in my collection as vinyl (and I just don't "do" vinyl anymore). So I too clicked and clacked away and now I have most everything in glorious "zeroes and ones." There were lots of tunes I hadn't really listened to in quite a while. It is good to be back...

Now my arms hurt from all of the air drumming!
Getting my Funky Groove fix with this group. Been listening to them on and off since I first heard them in 1997. http://youtu.be/vE4VlA_9OrI
They're here!!!

First up...Opposing Gray Matter.

Ahhhhhh, yesssssssssssss....sooo good.
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