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"If you don't vote - don't bitch"

Steve earle

Great song, and great post Mufasa. Mr. Earle is a sharp dude. I'd vote for him!
tks Duke
Love Copperhead Road. Has always been one of my favs. Never would have checked out Youtube for the latest from Steve either. Thanks for the link!

BTW - Just got done dancin' to Foster the People with my 2 year old. OK it was more arm swinging and jumping than dancing but she called it dancing and thought it was simply the greatest thing to do.
Dance like no one is looking Counselor -
May be mistaken... but I do believe that is Aldo Nova on lead gitter'.
Like you're "Dancing with Yourself"!
Bought this album when it released because it was Paul Rogers. I had no idea that he played every track, with every instrument until I started reading the credits.
Goin' redneck.... David Allan Coe," She used to love me a lot".
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