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Full Version: Almond petits fours/cake/cupcake
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Scanning around on the internet yesterday and I stumbled on this recipe. It looked soooo lovely that I had to give it a try!


I ran out of time so instead of cutting it up into squares I left it as a layer cake. The flavor is lovely, and the cake is very moist. I love the almond flavor, two thumbs up!

If I can give a hint when making this...make sure you read the recipe through first and do your prep, i.e. prep your pan, seperate you eggs...it will make thinks go quickly.

Also for those going wheat-free, this converted beautifully. All I did was change the flour and add a little extra levening.

I think next time I will do them as a cupcake, so a scoop of batter, a spoon of cherry jam and another scoop of batter, bake and glaze the top.
Oooohhhh, my.....I LOVE petits fours. I must try this!
Mmmm....sounds and of course looks good.
Sounds yummy!
mmmmm cupcakes...buttercream...ganache...

Good one, HWG!
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