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Full Version: Gadget and "Other" Advice Needed
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So, the family is headed to Florida to see my parents in just a few days. Our little one (not quite two) has NEVER watched an ounce of TV and we will be captive on a plane for WAY to long in order to get there. Nor has K ever been on a plane so, my questions are:

Should we buy a portable DVD player for her to watch when she starts to get overly squirmy, possibly becoming "that child" on her first plane ride, and the toys/activities we do have no longer hold her attention? (We would only show Miyazaki etc movies so content is not really a concern.)

If we should buy one, what brand/model should we look into? Screen sizes and battery life really do seem to widely vary... I can easily head to one of the local suppliers of such products after work tomorrow so any help with this is certainly appreciated. THANKS!
Most of the flights I have been on there is loads of entertainment provided - screens, tonnes of channels, all you need are your headphones.

I am guessing you don`t get this on US Domestic flights?

You might think about an iPod, where you can download games, music and films?
Any flight that I have been on in the States always has entertainment provided, for a price..

Do you have a laptop computer? Our last trip out to Hawaii, we just downloaded some movies and a couple of football games that I hadn't seen yet onto our laptop and that kept us going for a few hours. Also packed a spare battery...
Flights within Canada have a reasonable selection of TV channels to watch, including a kids one. Sounds like she'd be mesmerized with just the movement and colours, but a small light set of headphones (I like Sennheisers) would work for her too.

If you alternate that with whatever fun you can download onto a netbook/laptop (games, movies), you might not need that extra battery....

eta: And at least on Westjet, the television channels are free, but they charge for movies.
The flights I have been on didn't have any movies or entertainment at all. Huh And the space was so small I couldn't even open my laptop up all the way.

The best entertainment in my opinion is to look out the window. Here is a photo I snapped looking out the window on a recent flight. You never know what you might see...
What? Is that Ozymandias?
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