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Full Version: Planning area for Vegas meet-up
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So HOPEFULLY we can get this Vegas meet-up to happen. Figured I'd make a place to talk about it as the time gets closer.

Since the show is a Friday night, I'm thinking we'd get a suite in the MGM for that Friday and maybe Sat too if folks wanted to hang out a bit more??

At this point, I'll driving down from SLC, so if anyone wants to fly into there and drive down w/ me (might be cheaper?) y'all are welcome!

Anyone possibly interested? Shy
It's tempting. I wanted to go to Vegas last year, but bought the house instead. Now I'll have to see what I can afford!
Wow, so I'll be all by my lonesome (me and 25,000 of my closest friends, that is). Undecided
CD, I hope you have a great time!
Have a great time tonight CD and remember "What Happens In Vegas, well you know the rest Big Grin...
Good one Onebad. Have a great time CD. Enjoy the musical feast and get yourself stuffed to the ears.
Still in the hotel...gotta finish some homework before I head out. There's a meet up at 5 at a bar in the MGM, so I might check that out. Been grilled about the WSBB sticker on the bike already..."Dude! Where'd ya get that?!?! I bet ya can't tell me, right?" Smile
CD is now the steward of the unofficially official Bubba's BnG Peeps sign! Created in Toronto, confiscated by security then rescued from a trash bin at the Air Canada Centre, driven 700+ miles to southern Indiana, then flown across the mighty U-S-of-A 1,400+ miles to the northern reaches of Utah.... It was then transported 400+ miles from Utah to Vegas, awaiting it's debut (in just a few hours!) at the MGM. CD's done a fine job of spiffing it up, since it looked a lil' rough after all that travelin'...
[img][Image: BubbasignVegas.jpg][/img]

Have a FARKIN' BLAST, Brooksy!!! We'll all be RAWKIN' w/you in spirit!!!
Have fun CD!
Can't wait to see what you think! Big Grin
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