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Full Version: Seattle Meet-up! Nov.13th
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(09-23-2012 06:04 PM)Gungawoman Wrote: [ -> ]
(09-23-2012 01:57 PM)HardwareGrl Wrote: [ -> ]SO...a few days ago EN texts me....
EN-"I can't take it, we gotta go."
Gotta go where?
EN-"Seattle. You up for it?"
We're (Hubby and I) not going, can't afford it this time.
EN-"If we take the train, and get nose bleed seats, and find a cheap hotel...."
Aw sh*t, now you're making me hope...
EN-"Come ON, you know you want to!"
I look at Hubby. Hubby looks at me.
Hubby says "Only you can go, we can't afford both of us."
Now my belated birthday present is a trip to Seattle and a show staring a certain Speed Polka Trio.
If anyone has 2 tickets they aren't using message me! I can't afford lots, but I'll see what I can do...

And they say there is no such thing as peer pressure.... Rolleyes

Is it still peer pressure if you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to do it anyway?
Big Grin
Oh, that's great, HG! There's going to be a meet-up before the show, too. I'll keep you posted!

Yay!!! [Image: happy0030.gif]
Ozzies pre-show!
Y'all have a farkin' blast tonight! Cool
Final thought before showtime: it was nice to meet a few fellow revelers! Hope to do this again.
Glad everyone is having a good time.
I won't bore everyone with a concert review, besides this isn't a band forum....Angel
BUT...as far a my humble opinion will go, I would compare last nights performance with the experence of being served the best meal you have ever had the privilege to sit down to....
A pleasure to look at, a pleasure to consume, and a pleasure to remember.

It was wonderful to get to meet some of my other fellow diners as well.
Snap Dad and his lovely wife, V-Star Rider and his hansome son, Scythe, Ren Man and their daughter, it was a pleasure to meet you all.
And of course a shout-out to my travel-buddy Entre Nous, she's always a kick to hang out with.
I wish I could do it all again tomorrow...Big Grin
What VStar and HG said.... it was a real pleasure to meet everyone! I must apologize for not returning to the bar after the show but we had a ferry to catch - one of the pitfalls of living on the other side of the Sound. Undecided

HG's description was apt - it was a delectable evening. I was lucky enough to get a 3rd row, Lerxstside seat and had a wonderful time. The seat next to me stayed empty so I brought Katie up to sit with me (stand, actually) for the second half. She squealed Wink

I had my sign - "B 'n' G Peeps in da House/CBD says: Hi Boys, see you in Phoenix" - and I held it up a few times. I think it was seen by Bubba though I can't be sure. But if he saw my sign at the Gorge last year in THAT seat, he had to have seen this one. So they will be expecting CBD at the Phoenix show.

Katie was lucky and caught a T-shirt from Alex and he goofed around with us during the encore, turning that megawatt grin our way a few times (sigh). I got some fantastic pictures of him and of Bubba. A few good ones of Dirk, too, but he was hard to capture. Between him being on the other end of the stage, the lights that would sometimes be so bright it would wash him out and the fact that he seldom stays still, I didn't get as many good ones of him. Sorry.

The sound was great, too. It's hard to get it right in an arena like the Key. Too many bands overdrive it and it gets muddy. But this was perfect! The stereo effect at the start of Carnies was stellar! And the Taurus pedals and bass drum were physical. So delicious to feel that bass in your bones.

I was impressed with the strings in YYZ in Tarranah and even more so now. They are such a wonderful addition to the older songs as well as the CA songs. Dreamline was a highlight, especially for Katie - it's her favorite song by the CPT.

There was one slight meltdown but it was so much fun that nobody cared. The end of Tom Sawyer kind of got weird. I have a pic I took at that moment - Dirk and Bubba are laughing at Lerxst so I'm guessing it went wobbly from that end. But it was all good. Big Grin

Thanks again for such a superb evening, everyone I met and the Boyz. I DO wish I could live it all again....

Here's a link to the pics in Photobucket: http://s224.photobucket.com/albums/dd103...2013-2012/
What my wife said.
Plus, here's the show!
Very cool! But the links for you, Scythe didn't work for me. It said it was a private album..... Sad
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