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Full Version: St. Louis - Sept 22nd
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I wish I was going to this one. There are some people on my must meet list going there. Have a great time.
Made it to St. Louis safe and sound. Now it's waiting for show time.
Y'all are gonna loooove it! Enjoy! Cool
At Sheraton across the street from the arena. Sitting in the Lobby. Great ride up from Memphis. Looking for a great shoe tonight..

It was awesome to meet you, WOW what a show, it was just surreal. Please don't forget to send me that picture of us. I also got a connection on some great pictures of the show and if I get them I will forward them on to you. Would love to go riding today with you but I just don't have enouph time. We live in states right next to each other so we need to try and meet up riding sometime. Got to get you to Red Rocks next year, you would love it.

No doubt. An awesome spectacle. It was indeed a pleasure to meet a fellow B&Ger in person. Yes. Definitely put me down for Red Rock. Photo will be sent ASAP.
St. Louis Show Photo:

I tried to tell Revan (new B&Ger) that I thought I saw Bubba. He said he thought I lost my mind. By the looks of this photo...I certainly look as though I lost something

[Image: photo.jpg]
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