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Date Night - VincentUlyssis - 08-16-2013 05:51 PM

Why didn't I think of this before?

We couples need to keep the romance going! Of course this requires good food, atmosphere and a desire to keep things fun.

Friday is our traditional date night and we change it up weekly.

Tonight is Korean!

Tell us about your date night!

RE: Date Night - smoker guy - 08-17-2013 04:41 PM

For us it is every Saturday night. Many times we cook together and listen to various good music or out for local restaurants.

RE: Date Night - VincentUlyssis - 08-18-2013 03:16 PM

I love date night!

RE: Date Night - VincentUlyssis - 10-07-2013 06:31 PM

This past Friday night we went to Zar in St. James- Pashto cuisine, romantic and exotic. I had the squash soup and Marisa ordered the Flank steak. It was a nice night but I was quiet and tired getting up before 5 everyday.

Sometimes stuff like this can ruin date night. Worst date night is one ending in words.

RE: Date Night - VincentUlyssis - 03-23-2014 06:38 PM

This past Friday I had a dilemma. Originally Marisa was going out with a coworker so my cousin, brother and I planned a dinner and band reunion ( we were a band together in the mid 80's- our own version of a power trio). My brother Joe backed out due to a birthday party he had to attend and my wife's friend backed out on her. So when she texted me at work "sushi?" I willingly accepted. A few moments later my cousin Joe (lots of Joes in this fam!) texted me to see if we were on. Uh oh! After much maneuvering I worked out a solution. Early sashimi appetizer with Marisa followed by a nice steak dinner with my cousin. Thank goodness she was understanding!

The night was perfect but had to end at the Sleep Center to determine the extent of my sleep apnea. Yawn.

RE: Date Night - VincentUlyssis - 10-30-2014 09:11 PM

Tomorrow is date night! I just hope the Trick or Treaters understand.

So many options... Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, French, American, Indian, Middle Eastern, Thai and so many others. Our default is Japanese but we never know where our moods might take us.