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Anasazi/Casa Sena...Santa Fe, NM - Sunset - 06-15-2017 05:55 PM

Anasazi was a delightful experience. Sitting on the patio enjoying the desert breeze and watching the colorful locals. It was even half-off any bottle of wine night from the impressive wine list. Yay us!

Grilled baby gem lettuce with crispy lardon, clementine, tamarindo, and leche de mantaquilla.
[Image: IMG_3966_zpsti7c2gac.jpg]

We also enjoyed two other small plates. Buffalo sliders with Hatch chile sauce, and these fire grilled riblets.
[Image: IMG_3967_zpsftwgbrdy.jpg]

The following evening was Casa Sena. These folks tried to provide a good experience, but ultimately we're unable to do so. Just too many factors added up to poor dining all around.

Caesar salad.

[Image: IMG_3974_zpsjjlzlfsb.jpg]

Rack of lamb

[Image: IMG_3976_zpsch6mrhhv.jpg]

RE: Anasazi/Casa Sena...Santa Fe, NM - Gungawoman - 06-16-2017 12:41 PM

Drooling, Sunset. I need to go wipe my chin Big Grin

RE: Anasazi/Casa Sena...Santa Fe, NM - Sunset - 06-16-2017 10:02 PM

The next day we did the Taos/Angel Fire thing. Got a tip the sopaipillas @ TaoseƱo were the bomb. Blech! I believe you had a poor experience as well in Taos, no?

We did one night in Flagstaff too. Food scene is fantastic! Nomad for a quick gnosh and a beer. Tinderbox annex for cocktails. Then The Cottage for cassoulet(mine kicks his *** but hey, dude is still pretty legitBig Grin).

Will return someday. We walked downtown thoroughly and found several establishments I'd like to hit.

RE: Anasazi/Casa Sena...Santa Fe, NM - Gungawoman - 06-18-2017 03:24 PM

Yeah, Taos.....nice place, disappointing food.
Flag isn't a bad town. Expensive, though. Haven't had much in the way of food there. I'm used to a small town, so I don't like the narrow, crowded streets there with all the Clyde Crashcups at the wheel!
If we go to a larger town here, it's usually Tempe and other Phoenix suburbs. Lots of eating choices down there.