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Spinoff: Homemade hot sauces? - old honda rider - 05-26-2010 04:00 PM

Another thread called Favourite bottled hot sauce? got me thinking. Has anyone made their own hot sauce? I'd like to give it a go, but have no clue where to even start. Huh

RE: Spinoff: Homemade hot sauces? - NWoBHM - 05-27-2010 12:38 PM

Well.....according to Mc,Ilhenny and Co, in the Habanero Sauce, its vinegar, habanero pepper, cane sugar, tabasco pepper sauce, (mix of vinegar red pepper salt), salt, mango puree, dried onion, banana puree, tomato paste, tamarind puree, papaya puree, spices. garlic, tabasco pepper mash, (pepper and salt). The missing bit of course, the ratio of what to what? But a mixture of vineger, (olive oil maybe?) and spices and tomato puree would be a start.
I think I read somewhere that JR Robinson, (Session Drummer?) when not playing the drums, grows chili`s and (I think) makes sauces with them. Maybe Brutus could ask Bubba to ask JR??