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Canada Day/Independence Day Celebrations - Bageleth - 07-03-2010 09:38 PM

To those who have already celebrated Canada Day, and to those who are about to celebrate Independence Day, I pose this question: Do you make any special/traditional meal for the holiday? Do you do anything special to celebrate?

Since I'm in America, we celebrate Independence day and we start with fireworks on the 3rd and enjoy rootbeer floats. Usually on the 4th, the tradition is to go to a small nearby small town to see the parade (a lot of farm equipment and classic cars), then we go home for vegetarian burgers, fries, potato salad, & baked beans.

Then the tired parents, take a nap...........and the kids tend to watch a movie "quietly".

In the evening, we order a pizza, and go back to the same small town, and park some chairs along the river for the town's fireworks show.

This year, we're doing things a bit differently. We're still setting off our fireworks tonight, however tomorrow, we're going to skip the parade and fireworks show in the other town, and stay home to relax a bit. We have a neighbor who gets pretty blitzed and tends to put on quite a fireworks show. One year, he thought that it was a good idea to climb on the roof and set the off (we watched from our house ih phones ready to call an ambulance in case they fell off). We also keep the water on because one year while, we were gone, he accidentally set our flowerbeds on fire. Every year has a new story.......

So, now that I've rambled on a bit, back to celebratory traditional meals. What is yours?