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RE: Anyone else ride? - Scooter Britches - 08-23-2012 12:11 PM

I know out here, we have an Advance Rider Training that takes place on the big track at Miller Motorsports Park. I've heard of guys taking their full dressers out there, scraping hard parts, just having a hoot of a time!

Sunset, have you ever riden the track out here? It's an awesome track! Sadly I'm selling my track bike, but hopefully someday if things ever turn around for me, I'll get back out there. They even have a ladies race in our local series! Smile

RE: Anyone else ride? - Sunset - 08-23-2012 12:34 PM

(08-23-2012 12:11 PM)CanyonDancer Wrote:  Sunset, have you ever riden the track out here? It's an awesome track! Sadly I'm selling my track bike, but hopefully someday if things ever turn around for me, I'll get back out there. They even have a ladies race in our local series! Smile

Hey CD...track bikes are dime a dozen. Don't worry, when the planets re-align you'll be able to snag one cheap and easy. Then you'll be right back in the zone and makin' the boys cry.Cool

The track day org I was associated with started hosting events in Tooele in 2011, and I began my extended track hiatus at the end of 2009(sold the race bikes too). So I've never smashed Miller...more's the pity.

We have femme classes at the club level out here too...though there are a few highly vocal femme racers who view it as patronizing. And lemmetellya, some of those gals are faster than stink. I once battled Elena Meyers for 8 laps at a track day. I was riding 10ft over my head and was--->this<--- close to going dirt farmin', so I threw in the towel and pitted.

And was roundly crucified by my staff buddies for letting a 15yr old girl show me what was up. Funny thing though...I didn't see any of THOSE troglodytes showing her the proper way around the track either lol

RE: Anyone else ride? - Boomer - 08-23-2012 01:10 PM

PM Away Sunset. Might try SG's idea too. Road America in WI is right up the road by 2Beers, perhaps they have zomething. They do offer an advanced riders course out here at the community college but you cant get the full effect of cornering like I want because their space they use is very limited by the truck driving course they share it with.

Actually - Im almost positive CD could wax my tail on the track without even breaking a sweat. Racing bikes was never my forte, in part because I got such a late start riding. But now that I have a few years under the belt, I wouldnt mind learning a thing or two from the track.

RE: Anyone else ride? - Sunset - 08-23-2012 01:18 PM

You gots PMCool

RE: Anyone else ride? - Scooter Britches - 08-23-2012 02:37 PM

OMG, we should all do a trackday! How fun would that be?!

RE: Anyone else ride? - 2Beers - 08-23-2012 02:51 PM

That is one thing that Fireman would like to do. I still get the "yipes" if the cornering is just a bit tight. I'll have him take a look into it.

RE: Anyone else ride? - smoker guy - 08-23-2012 03:08 PM

(08-23-2012 02:37 PM)CanyonDancer Wrote:  OMG, we should all do a trackday! How fun would that be?!

It would be quite a trip. I don't know how well my bike would handle with the current tires on it...the original tires were Diablos. I'd give it a go(conservatively of courseTongue) Elfie is a Supermoto after all.Big Grin

RE: Anyone else ride? - Sunset - 08-23-2012 04:06 PM

I'm on indefinite sabbatical as far as carving up the track goes, but I'll be the most over-qualified pit b*tch y'all have ever seen.Big Grin

RE: Anyone else ride? - Broon's Bane - 08-23-2012 09:00 PM

(04-23-2010 01:57 PM)Rey Wrote:  I know this thread is intended to be about motorcycling, but I thought it would be okay to mention another form of riding. Why yes I like to “ride”… a bicycle that is. I know not as exciting as motorcycling, but still fun and a good form of exercise, and sometimes you can ride where a motorcycle cannot. Since I ride mostly for recreation and enjoyment, I prefer to do it off the street away from all the noisy cars and trucks. Around here where I live in the Midwest, the best places to ride are bike trails that have been converted from old railroad grades. These preserved corridors make excellent bicycle trails, often going through scenic areas you can never see from a road. Since they were originally made for trains, hills are also kept to a minimum, grades usually being gradual which means easier pedaling. The only traffic to deal with are other bikes, and the occasional road intersection, but even those are often ridden over on a bridge. The trails near my house take me through cool woods, farmers fields, and along meandering rivers. Instead of aggressive, honking drivers, there is only the friendly nod from other passing cyclists. It truly is the best way to ride (but sorry no motorized vehicles allowed).

My favorite trail to ride, when I can get up there, is one in Wisconsin called the Elroy-Sparta bike trail. This railtrail is unique in that it has three good size rock tunnels through the hills. It is kind of like a work, then reward type ride. There is a pretty steep grade (as far as railroads go) leading up to each tunnel, so you are straining as you work your way up, steady for several miles. Lets say it’s a warm day too, so you are really hot when you get to the top. You enter the tunnel and you are rewarded with a rush of cool air, natural air conditioning from within the hill. One of the tunnels is close to a mile long, when you get inside the other end looks like a keyhole of light in the distance. You hear running water as it drips down the tunnel walls, and sounds echo all around in a natural, eerie reverb. When you exit the tunnel it is all downhill for several miles into the next valley, so you can coast and take it easy, until its time to start climbing again to the next tunnel. Not to mention the nice scenery of farmlands and woods this all passes through in central Wisconsin, lots of fun that’s for sure.


I live in Northern ohio and I ride regularly on the bike paths or on rare occasions the Bike trail through Findley State park, I haven't gone in a while....that trail really rips up your bike. I also enjoy throwing on the panniers and going for a long scenic trip on Kelleys Island, or Put-in-Bay. Glad to see other fans enjoying similar hobbies. I think that we need a bicycle forum.

RE: Anyone else ride? - Scooter Britches - 08-23-2012 09:52 PM

Sunset, will you be my umbrella guy? You gotta wear hotpants and heels though... Big Grin