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RE: Anyone else ride? - BMWR1200GSAdv - 05-12-2010 10:31 AM

I've only been riding for a couple of years now on a 2004 Suzuki V-Strom DL 1000. My riding has been exclusively in BC, mostly Vancouver Island, though I tentitively have a ride planned this summer to NoCal for a Horizons Unlimited event. The great thing about having a motorcycle in the island is you do not need to reserve to get on to BC Ferries, they just whisk you off to the front of the line; no more 3 sailing waits for me! Lovely day for a ride today, about to head to Victoria from my home base in Nanaimo. Gotta check out my new Russell Day-Long saddle for the Strom!

RE: Anyone else ride? - Mufasa - 05-18-2010 07:20 PM

After many years of racing any and everything with wheels that I could get my hands on, family life (and hospital bills) finally slowed me down at about 30. I still bought / restored / sold and rode street bikes of every sort for years after, but it never set my heart racing like... well... RACING did. "Speed" is a drug I never fully recovered from.
Novice-open class was the last I was involved in before leaving Savannah for the Midwest. I ran a GSXR 1 for a season without a serious crash. (scoots through the grass don't count) Anyone can do it, but man it is expensive!
I sold my 1000R after completing a restore, and just before moving. I tell ya', Kansas is not the bikers haven of the Midwest;
everything is on a grid! Lately though, I have been tossing the idea around to delve back into the vice. After all - Colorado is only a day away.
And yeah, The Dragon (Deals) is a blast but it seems that every year it gets more crowded. Young riders (inexperienced) seem to be under the impression that the bikes capabilities somehow transfer to them when they turn the key. It doesn't. For some, they learn this with a final, and sometimes fatal vengeance.

RE: Anyone else ride? - ForceTen - 05-18-2010 08:01 PM

Depending on where you are in Kansas, there's tracks on the east side of the state: Heartland Park, Mid-America and a couple of others I believe.

RE: Anyone else ride? - Mufasa - 05-19-2010 06:51 PM

(05-18-2010 08:01 PM)ForceTen Wrote:  Depending on where you are in Kansas, there's tracks on the east side of the state: Heartland Park, Mid-America and a couple of others I believe.

Aye - the racing days have long passed 'Force. At this point in my life, I would settle for nice scenery and a sweet curve or three while riding. While there are attributes about Kansas that appeal to me, I still feel like an alien (as in Martian) at times. I truly miss the ocean, and curves...
No matter how often I get to Savannah, it is never enough to stop the ache.
My green-eyed blond (how I wound up here to start with) understands this, and puts up with my sighing and grumbling.
I work for a Montreal-Based aerospace company here in "Oz", so unless I want to relocate to the Great White North, I must remain here for a while yet.

RE: Anyone else ride? - ForceTen - 05-19-2010 08:05 PM

I was thinking more along the line of trackdays, Mufasa. That might help fill the void. Wink I don't roadrace. But, I take part in a few trackdays throughout the season.

That being said, I did recently start racing motocross last year. However, I'm in the "I don't wanna get hurt, I have to go to work tomorrow so I can support the family" bracket. Otherwise known as "Vet C" Big Grin

RE: Anyone else ride? - Neilbubbachuck - 06-02-2010 03:48 AM

(04-22-2010 01:39 PM)GROWLR Wrote:  
(04-22-2010 09:12 AM)ForceTen Wrote:  Every forum I'm on, there's at least a few riders..

I haven't been on the street for a few years now. But, I ride mostly race tracks and motocross now. I do miss the occasional jaunt to one of the many restaurants in the area though.

Anyone else ride?

Yes. I ride too. Not as much as I'd like, but w all know how that goes. It's just so hard to get in all of our interests, isn't it?
Riding, traveling, cooking, golf, working out, etc. But I always plan to get to the Top 'O the Rockies rally in Paonia, CO every
July. Always a good time.

I ride a little motocross at Broome/Tioga sports Center. I have an 07 CRF 450. Thing is wicked! The sport has become to dangerous to really enjoy though for me. Unadilla is more my track.

RE: Anyone else ride? - Neilbubbachuck - 06-03-2010 03:32 AM

(04-23-2010 02:41 PM)Brutus Wrote:  
(04-23-2010 01:57 PM)Rey Wrote:  I know this thread is intended to be about motorcycling, but I thought it would be okay to mention another form of riding. Why yes I like to “ride”… a bicycle that is. I know not as exciting as motorcycling, but still fun and a good form of exercise, and sometimes you can ride where a motorcycle cannot. Since I ride mostly for recreation and enjoyment, I prefer to do it off the street away from all the noisy cars and trucks. Around here where I live in the Midwest, the best places to ride are bike trails that have been converted from old railroad grades. These preserved corridors make excellent bicycle trails, often going through scenic areas you can never see from a road. Since they were originally made for trains, hills are also kept to a minimum, grades usually being gradual which means easier pedaling. The only traffic to deal with are other bikes, and the occasional road intersection, but even those are often ridden over on a bridge. The trails near my house take me through cool woods, farmers fields, and along meandering rivers. Instead of aggressive, honking drivers, there is only the friendly nod from other passing cyclists. It truly is the best way to ride (but sorry no motorized vehicles allowed).

My favorite trail to ride, when I can get up there, is one in Wisconsin called the Elroy-Sparta bike trail. This railtrail is unique in that it has three good size rock tunnels through the hills. It is kind of like a work, then reward type ride. There is a pretty steep grade (as far as railroads go) leading up to each tunnel, so you are straining as you work your way up, steady for several miles. Lets say it’s a warm day too, so you are really hot when you get to the top. You enter the tunnel and you are rewarded with a rush of cool air, natural air conditioning from within the hill. One of the tunnels is close to a mile long, when you get inside the other end looks like a keyhole of light in the distance. You hear running water as it drips down the tunnel walls, and sounds echo all around in a natural, eerie reverb. When you exit the tunnel it is all downhill for several miles into the next valley, so you can coast and take it easy, until its time to start climbing again to the next tunnel. Not to mention the nice scenery of farmlands and woods this all passes through in central Wisconsin, lots of fun that’s for sure.

Well told. I have memories of living in Quebec near Lac St. Brutus every summer for about 10 years. It has the same thing happening there where they've ripped up the old train tracks and turned them into bike paths in the summer and cross country ski trails in the winter. And because of the strain on the old train engines that ran those routes there is nothing more than a 10% rise or fall in elevation. In the area I lived in Quebec in the Laurentian Mountains around St. Sauveur there were 1000s of kilometeres of trails. Everyday, all summer long, you could ride something new. It was great. Another contrast is the summer I spent in Keene Valley, NY. There were only 3 ways to cycle out of the valley and everyone of them involved climbing the mountains to escape. I never did although I came close. Most rides (no mountain bike with a gazillion gears, just my faithful Trek with 12 in those days) I'd climb and climb 'till the bike slowly and agonizingly came to a stop....Then, looking carefully for trafic that wanted to kill me, I'd do a U and head back down...30 and then 40 miles an hour....Yikes! Don't do that at home kids.

ahhh Keene Valley NY. I used to live on Halls falls road. NYS built the "first curved bridge" across the Ausable river on our property. This was a very popular spot for the locals to swim because of all the big rocks and small cliffs to jump off. It used to drive my folks nuts, haha. I am sure that If you spent enough time in Keene Valley, you would have passed it. It is the main route to lake placid that everyone uses to avoid the Upper Jay area. I dont know why. Upper Jay is beautiful.
Biking up there is no fun at all at least for me. I ended up pushing the darn thing most of the time through the woods.

RE: Anyone else ride? - Brutus - 06-28-2010 08:06 PM

I need help in finding a good system for doing video while riding. I was hoping there might be something available where you could velcro a lens to your helmet while riding with an on/off switch mounted to the bars somewhere. Wireless would be really cool but that might be asking too much. I have this vision where I come across some amazing scenery and simply hit the start button and pan with my helmet. It would be useful too when following a fellow rider through some fun twisties. Maybe the boys in Team Rogue could help??????

RE: Anyone else ride? - ForceTen - 06-28-2010 08:46 PM

B, take a look at the Go-Pro and see if that'll meet your needs

RE: Anyone else ride? - Boomer - 06-28-2010 08:47 PM

Ahhh Mr B may have gotten bit by the video bug!

There are several online suppliers who manufacture camera mounts of different styles shapes sizes and attach points. The ones for the helmet are typically hard mounted to avoid getting blown off. I, too, am experimenting with camera mounts so that when I start making my trips to Banff, etc, I can get some of those same type of shots. It might help to know what kind of camera you want to use. If you just want to use a pen sized vid cam, you might try BH Photo. They have literally dozens of helmet applications which you might find useful. Another application I am looking into in located at:


This is a rather interesting set up, a bit spendy but if you want something a bit more sturdy this "might" work. I suggested this one because it looks like it has a shield to guard the camera lens. Again - not sure what kind of camera you are using.

Hope these work. Like I said - I am in the market myself, and these were a couple I knew off the bat. I'll be in Florida this weekend, sso I might look for more on my way down.