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Testing Testing - Boomer - 12-29-2011 07:32 AM

Greetings Everyone!

Last night some of the admin team took some time to run some tests on our changes that have been made to the registration process. I think we are on schedule to open the doors next week, but there are still a few things we need to make sure of before we do that. There is also a possibility that we will need to close the forum completely for an hour or two to update the forum software, however, that announcement will be forthcoming when I know more. Please keep your eye on this section for that update. We do know, however, that our tests from last night were very positive and I believe we can at least divert most of the spammers from reaching their intended target. Thanks to RN-PRN, nettiesaur, Bageleth, and 2Beers for spending some time to test our changes! It took a bit of craftiness, but job well done for your patience during our tests.

Have a Great Day Everyone!