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Mother's Day Recipes/Ideas
04-07-2013, 10:58 AM
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Mother's Day Recipes/Ideas
Since I'm not a Mother (as I am soooo gently reminded at this time of year) I usually am honored (read: stuck) hosting Mother's Day.
My traditional route is barbequing something, but I like to have a back-up idea ready in case the weather doesn't cooperate.
BUT, since you are talking to the Lady who barbeques Christmas isn't usually an excuse for me...

I was poking around for some different ideas this year, and I came across a simple one involving Pork Tenderloin, a favorite cut of mine...

Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Mustard Dill Sauce
You get a two-fer, they include a nice sounding side item recipe.

What do you all do for Mother's Day?
Do you make something? If so, do you have a favorite recipe?
Cop-out and go to a resturant?
Skip it all together?

"Life ain't like books.
Books got somebody writin' 'em and tryin' to entertain ya.
Life is more like a set of Legos.
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You gotta take care of your life."
~Laura Moncur
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