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When Food Meets Music: Jazzfest
05-09-2010, 10:29 PM
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RE: When Food Meets Music: Jazzfest
I wish I could be down there to join you for the music and the awesome food. I'd like to get out there on the ocean and make something happen, inspire some peoples to get their behinds in gear. This spill thing is so sad. I was in Valdez about 3 months after it happened, and it was horrific. I was also in NO in Feb 06 and saw what Katrina had done. Seems NO can't catch a break these days.

I have visited NO several times and have a great fondness for it. When I was there in 06, we had to stay all the way out in Morgan City because there was no available hotel rooms for us anywhere close to the city (everything was packed with relief workers). Worked out well though because we stumbled into this little bar out there that had an amazing buffet (nothing touristy here, it was definitely locals). We ate there almost everyday because of the oh-so-fresh crab & shrimp that they put out. Vegas buffets had nothing on this place. I wish I could remember the name.

Let's all hope that this oil spill resolves quickly. We can't let BP pull what Exxon did in Valdez, which was shrug off responsibility, tie everything up in court and not pay for the damage they did to both the environment and the people who's lives are still being impacted today.
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