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Slow Cooker
12-07-2015, 10:57 AM
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RE: Slow Cooker
I am a huge fan of my slow cookers (1 at the house and 1 at the cottage).
I usually prepare a nice bean (chickpea and lentils) soup for the weeks lunches throwing in a bit of meat (diced slab bacon, leftover steak, ground venison or whatever else might be a leftover) and some freshly ground black pepper. I package the soup in glass (Anchor Hocking) containers with red plastic lids which then get frozen. I take 1 out each evening to thaw and heat it up in the morning (5:00 am) before transferring it to a stainless steel food thermos for my lunch.
I don't get to enjoy chicken hearts, gizzards or livers very often because Katherine won't eat them and would prefer not to prepare them for me. I usually make them for myself in a curry stir fry when she is not around or up at the cottage when I am alone. I think I'll try the slow cooker route with them sometime this winter.
A slow cooker has comfort food written all over it if you ask me. Now if I could just get my chili and chili con carne recipes right using the slow cooker I would be happy.

John H.
Hamilton, Ontario
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