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Tips on sharpening your knives
11-08-2010, 12:41 AM
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RE: Tips on sharpening your knives
It depends on the kind of knife and the kind of job. For the smaller vegetable cutting jobs, a German styled knife is normally used. It is the kind of knife with edgy length of roughly twenty to twenty five centimetre and a firm back, made of a kind of stainless steel. It swings well around the tip and requires subtle sharpness to do the jobs like finely cutting shallots. For this type of knife a none abrasive sharpening steel is used.

For cutting bird carcasses like pigeon, chicken and duck, a Sabatier with an edge of forty centimetres is most suitable. Such a knife can also be used to cut of the legs or large parts of the breast of a turkey. Some people chop up carcasses with a Chinese styled knife. It always leaves a mess everywhere and makes a lot of noise. Sharpening them in any is always a burden. So at least two types of sharpening devices are required. A stone to take of the rough edges and dents as result of cutting bone, and an abrasive kind of sharpening steel to finish it off.

The Japanese styled knifes are very different. It is required to keep them in your fingers instead of your hand. Mostly used for cutting shasimi and sushi. Since these knifes are asymmetrical it is required to sharpen them on a stone. It is not recommended to sharpen them in any other way. Besides that careful use hardly requires any sharpening

For very subtle cutting jobs like really tin slices of tomato or julienne type leeks thinner European styled knifes are sharpened with the none abrasive sharpening steel. Small sized knifes for scraping roots of any kind go with the same device.

Overhearing a conversation of survival army like guys it was noticed that sharaded knifes are best sharpened by repeadedly sticking them into sand forcefully. Seemingly the best way to go I guess but I have never tried since there are very different ways of preparing steak besides the raw way.

(02-16-2010 11:26 AM)Brutus Wrote:  Electric or manual sharpeners...What's best?
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