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Tips on sharpening your knives
12-16-2010, 02:12 AM
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RE: Tips on sharpening your knives
To me it seems that it is a relatively expensive fish. 15 euros per kilo for walleye and european zander zander-perch are between 10 to 12 euros per kilo. the sander vitreus as the walleye is official called is on his home turf often replaced by european counterparts as is the case with other fish - see link below. So I think it is highly unlikely that I will be able to find anywhere in europe even the speciality shops that sell fish I have never ever seen do not have it.

So I think if I want to try it, it requires some travelling.......

Thanks because it is interesting and likely worth a try

(12-15-2010 08:43 AM)Detroit Dan Wrote:  
(12-15-2010 02:33 AM)BOBEAU Wrote:  It is a native fish a variant of the pike, brass but genetically totally different.
If I go into restaurant and ask for fresh ones how do I know am not being pushed around.
Or should just bring my rod with me?
Now there is at least one reason to visit North America

Thanks again

(12-13-2010 02:39 AM)BOBEAU Wrote:  As almost always the details are very inspiring. I like them as well, do not eat them in huge amounts because it will spoil me but it must be rewarding experience after a day of work at the lake. Very tender meat, in combination with proper seasoning a true sensation. Do you have wine with it?

It is like music and other forms of art sometimes there is this detail that you have heard a thousand times before and you know it is going to come but still remains very satisfying and pleasurable.

(12-12-2010 09:50 AM)Detroit Dan Wrote:  "Do you find the cheeks a delicacy or is it just another bite."

Walleye cheeks are the perfect appetizer. I never EVER freeze them. I rarely share them with anyone. When I come home from a day on the lake, I clean all the fish and make myself dinner. The cheeks are sautéed in butter with some lemon and garlic. My wife and Daughter don't eat fish so I get them all. If we have friends over I'll let them try one but the rest are mine. I'll the Vacuum pack and freeze the rest of the fish.

If you can't catch it locally, I would check with your local fish market. They could tell you where it comes from. Chances are the restaurants get it from the same place.
Yes I have had wine with my walleye cheeks, but usually beer.
After a long day on the water in the sun with a few cold ones, I have to sober up for the drive home. The Very first thing I do when I get home is open a beer. By the time I get ready to cook, I'm already cooked. Rolleyes
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