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11-06-2017, 11:27 AM
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Good morning everyone,

Well... It certainly has been quiet (extremely) here!!! Getting into a severe ''Crunch'' for free time because of work and all of the head diversions related to this period. I have not been active at all other than logging in once in a while to see what is happening. This fine place has taken a severe beating as to traffic... It almost feels as if it is dead! I certainly cannot believe that people have stopped cooking or simply put, stopped eating. After pleasantly exchanging with a great many of you, my next question is extremely simple. DOES ANY of you would like to contribute (BE INTERESTED) into the revival of this thread here; Bubba's Bar 'n' Grill??? If so, what should and could be done towards this. Input IS NEEDED to make this successful!!! Next question, is there enough members or potential members still around to make this happen.
OF COURSE MY INTERESTS ARE BASED ON food, beverages and cigars, so this would be my priority. Out of this, I understand fully that not all are at the same level. Reasons to possibly get into the basics as to subjects, ingredients and technics. We all have something great, to improve and discover. As mentioned above, I have had fun here, why not continue this... The band might not be touring anymore, but, HEY, they are still alive and well and so should this thread. Girls and Boys, let's do this and please let me know what your feelings are!!!
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