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05-17-2010, 10:27 AM (This post was last modified: 05-17-2010 10:39 AM by Janie.)
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RE: DIYers
(05-17-2010 10:15 AM)ForceTen Wrote:  Sorry, haven't worked with a sprinkler system yet. But, it shouldn't be too bad. What you might want to consider is instead of removing a portion of it, see about capping it off in the area you want to skip. it would save you a lot of work and you'd only have to dig one or two holes instead of tearing it out. Also, if you happen to sell the house or get the moss under control (look into shade grass), it wouldn't be as much to repair/replace it.
Now this was totally helpful! Thank you!! I'll let you know how it goes.

Quote:Doing a wood fence isn't that difficult. but, you definitely need more than one person. Ask bidding companies to provide samples of new and see if you can get pictures of fences after a couple of years. Some don't build it properly to allow for water drainage as well as strength. Over a couple of years, the water soaks into the wood and will cause the fence to warp/sag and begin to look bad. I'm assuming you're talking about a wood privacy fence and not a two rail wooden fence?
Our back yard is 2/3 of the way fenced in so the addition has to match. The posts are cedar and everyone said they would sink the main posts down 2' in cement. There are about 8 regular wood planks in between the cedar posts with two horizontal boards, one on the bottom, the other on the top. These are large companies so I would hope they do good work.
My latest project I just finished last night. It’s a cedar chest I got off craigslist for about $60 I think. It was really beat up! Not well taken care of at all. It's hard to tell in this first pic but trust me, it did not look very pretty close up.

[Image: CC1-1.jpg]
The chest was nice but way too ornate for my taste.

[Image: CC2-1.jpg]
I removed some of the wood decorations, the original wood handles, the brass decorative plates and tacks, and the original trim as it was badly damaged. I replaced it with a new trim and attached “feet.” I wanted to give the chest some height since it was not very tall. It was decent in length and depth though which was nice.

[Image: CC4-1.jpg]
Coat of primer, two coats of black paint and one coat of protective seal. I chose to give the brass decorative plates a metal appearance since I’m not crazy about brass, besides, it would not have worked with the décor in the room the chest was going in. Also, I turned the top into a cushion/bench (adding more height plus make a nice little bench to sit on). I also attached new metal handles.
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