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Tips on BBQ, Grilling and Smoking
08-21-2010, 09:21 PM (This post was last modified: 08-21-2010 09:28 PM by Flazer.)
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RE: Tips on BBQ, Grilling and Smoking
[Couple of things: If you can get it, try a cut of pork called a Boston Butt.

Amen, brother. The first thing I ever did low and slow was a butt (or pork shoulder, or picnic roast, or any of the other names). It's tasty meat, and it's cheap - I can get it on sale for $0.99/lb sometimes.

I rub my butts with mustard (plain old yellow), then whatever pork rub I'm using at the time. I've messed around with cutting under the fat cap (to make a flap), then poking holes and stuffing garlic inside too.

Anyway, I try to keep 225-250 for the 6-9 hours it takes to cook a 6-8 lb butt. I cook to 196 internal, then wrap the butt in foil and an old bath towel and let it rest in an ice chest for about an hour (and up to four). When ready to eat, I "pull" (shred) it with hands or forks, then serve it on plain white buns or just by itself on a plate. I serve sauce(s) on the side, but to each their own.

Due to differences in fat content, each butt cooks at its own pace - cook to temp, not to time.

It's really hard to screw up, everybody loves it, and you it freezes well.

I also like to get pork "steaks" cut from this same cut - super easy (and quick) to cook - just as hard to screw up as the whole butt.

Here's a slick set up that's cheap and easy to do. I haven't tried it yet, but it seems like a great idea if you want to smoke meat without spending hundreds of dollars on a smoker.

I'm sure the recipe he has for the pork butt is awesome as well. It's all available on the food network website under pulled pork and Alton Brown.
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