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Love Food But Need To Lose Weight
11-26-2011, 04:14 AM
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RE: Love Food But Need To Lose Weight
Well, a big hurdle cleared yesterday. I met with the social worker of my bariatric team and deems not crazy! Look, I'm as shocked as you, alright? This means that I have three more consultations before I meet with the surgeon. Middle of January I should be cleared to go ahead and they will give me a date then. It's really going to happen!

In the mean time, there are a couple of things I need to get my head around. First is the diet. three and a half weeks before the surgery, I have to go on a strict diet to take weight off my liver. This is called opti-fast and doesn't look like an enormous amount of fun at all. Cereal bar, protein shake and some sort of soup by the looks of it and nothing else. That scares me a bit as I am an out of control eater. I binge, I hide eating, I eat as a response to what affects me emotionally. This is the addiction part.

So as a trial balloon of sorts, next week I am trying a diet of much the same stuff that is available at the store just to test the waters. The plan is from Monday to Friday, a menu consisting of coffee and a breakfast bar, soup for lunch, shake for afternoon snack, and 4 ounce boneless/skinless chicken breast, broccoli for dinner followed by tea afterward. Coming in at a tidy 1250 calories for the day. Very restrictive and repetitive I know, but that's done of purpose.

I think if I can stick to this for the week, then I can manage the three and a half weeks on the opti-fast diet.

Wish me luck!Smile

Oh Bleat!
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