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Gadget and "Other" Advice Needed
04-18-2012, 05:13 AM
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Gadget and "Other" Advice Needed
So, the family is headed to Florida to see my parents in just a few days. Our little one (not quite two) has NEVER watched an ounce of TV and we will be captive on a plane for WAY to long in order to get there. Nor has K ever been on a plane so, my questions are:

Should we buy a portable DVD player for her to watch when she starts to get overly squirmy, possibly becoming "that child" on her first plane ride, and the toys/activities we do have no longer hold her attention? (We would only show Miyazaki etc movies so content is not really a concern.)

If we should buy one, what brand/model should we look into? Screen sizes and battery life really do seem to widely vary... I can easily head to one of the local suppliers of such products after work tomorrow so any help with this is certainly appreciated. THANKS!

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