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The Passing of Monica-Wife of OneBad70SS
12-07-2012, 03:10 AM
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RE: The Passing of Monica-Wife of OneBad70SS
Boomer, that was lovely. And Brutus, thank you so much for being there for Steve.

I didn't get to meet Monica face-to-face. But through our communication online I knew I'd found a kindred spirit. When she sent me a bag of her beads several months ago, I was so surprised! But I guess I shouldn't have been - Monica was such a giving person. I still have most of those beads (others will appear shortly) and await the inspiration to turn them into a necklace to honor Monica's memory.

One day last September, just after the tour had started, I asked the Powers That Be that my friends here at the B&G - especially Monica and Steve - be gifted with unforgettable experiences for their shows. Brutus and Boomer made that happen. I cried when I read about the Saskatoon show, I was so thrilled and happy for you all. What a wonderful experience!

Steve, I can't imagine how heavy your heart is right now. Please, if you need anything, I'm within half a day's drive. Just ask.

... in a world where I feel so small I can't stop thinking big!
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