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When Food Meets Music: Jazzfest
04-30-2010, 06:09 AM
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RE: When Food Meets Music: Jazzfest
Now that I've thoroughly trashed the place, like keith moon's drumset, and a potty-mouth like a rock-star, waking and baking up to a brand new day finds me with oil lapping at my feet, the north american seafood industry is screwed. Conspiracy threorist at it's finest, how convenient that Obama just a few days before the oil spill approved offshore drilling, then in bed with BP oil's hugo chavez, reverses his wishywashy stance. How convenient! AWB's pick up the pieces ringing in my ears still, the blob of unfiltered oil is reaching for my not-so-alien shore. IT'S KATRINA IN REVERSE, the black hole of Kraaken released eXXone. hazlethorpe! roswell! o ffs. Do you like your oysters oily?
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