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Fred: The Ale
03-14-2016, 11:18 PM
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Fred: The Ale
Last year I attended the General Assembly for the Unitarian Universalist Denomination (I'm an atheist) and I was invited by a friend name Grant to go drinking. Well the conference started on Wednesday, but on Tuesday, we went to a brewery called Hair of a Dog. After sitting down at the booth, I was looking around. I had crutches because I had a strained groin muscle. It was pretty uncomfortable but I said: F-it. Grant then said to try the Fred.

Quote:Fred:10% ABV Golden Strong Ale produced with Pilsner, Rye and Belgian candi sugar

Is sold in three sizes: 3 oz, 12 oz and a growler. Grant and I had 3 oz. As I sipped Fred, it taste great! I drank half and about 15 minutes later, I was getting buzzed. I said, "Oh man, I'm getting buzzed Grant." He started laughing and said I drank 20 proof. I then said, I gotta get something to eat and I got a bowl of chili. The chili was great! Also, the tap water was awesome too...believe it or not. I then stopped drinking Fred and ate the chili.

Not to be wasteful, I finished my ale. I was getting slightly dizzy. I though 6 percent Budweiser was strong, but Fred was kicking my butt! After about an hour of chatting and sipping Fred, I stopped getting buzzed and Grant asked if I wanted another glass. I said no.

Portland is an amazing city and beer, ale, cider, IPA and so on are their specialty. Even the corner liquor store did not advertise the big-named brews. If you are in Portland, Oregon, go visit Hair of the Dog and sip a glass of Fred...but as Bubba and Brutus may recommend, don't drink and
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