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Home Brewing (Wine, Beer, & Hooch)
05-12-2010, 09:18 PM (This post was last modified: 05-12-2010 09:32 PM by JrGtr42.)
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RE: Home Brewing (Wine, Beer, & Hooch)
I'm a homebrewer.
It's actually very easy to do, just like making soup (in fact, I sometimes refer to it as making malt-hop soup)
The hardest part is sanitation. Making sure that everything that touches the beer-to-be is clean and as bug-free as possible is the most important part.
My brewing rig basically consists of a large pot, up till now a 20-quart, but I just got a 32-quart one. For fermenting and bottling, I got a kit that is basically a couple of large plastic buckets.
So far I've done 3 batches, one of which didn;t work so well.
I plan to do another one either this weekend or next. It'll be an IPA. I want to turn it around pretty quick, and the next will be a Hefeweizen.
It;s a bit involved to explain over a forum post, but check out these links, it'll give you a primer.
Homebrew Wiki
How To Brew
Also, check out Charlie Papazian's book, Complete Hoy of Homebrewing
and John Palmer's How To Brew (yeah, same as one of the sites linked above)
Finally, check out Beer Advocate. There is a homebrewing section on the forums that is an incredible source of info.
(there are a bunch of links in the post, the colors are very similar to the main text)
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